Alnwick Gardens ~ April 2018 ~ Part 1 ~ Tai Haku Blossom

Cherry blossom, don’t you just love how it bursts forth at the end of winter, piercing the grey skies in defiance with their lush pink or white bunches of blossom. I have a  lovely pink one in my front garden, but Sophie doesn’t, so when Spring comes, we go off on a blossom hunt.  This year Sophie found out that Alnwick gardens have an orchard of over 300 Tai Haku cherry blossom trees, the biggest in the world apparently. The story of the Tai Haku is lovely. Back in the day, a chap called Captain Collingwood Ingram, was obsessed with…

Saltwell Towers ~part 2~April 17

Part 1 HERE Thought I”d best finish this off before starting on the Poland report 🙂 . The main attraction for Sophie and I was the cherry blossom walk through the grounds   but also there was an abundance of pretty flowers, the name of which has escaped me yet again! and bluebells we saw a squirrel too, and more (insert name here 🙂 ) and white bells more blossoms rhododendrons I think and these are definitely tulips and I’ll finish up with the drunk tree 🙂 Next time we’re off to Poland stay tooned 🙂