Day 181~366

My bloggypal Beetleypete and I are constantly banging on about our inclement weather, and today was another deluge, it rained non stop til about 4pm here. Oh well at least good for finding plenty of reflections and off I went with my camera. Got home and processed and chose the ones I liked, if, indeed, one can like a puddle.  Carried on then clearing out my home office, Phil came home, we h ad dinner, and then I came up to post the pictures. But I realised sitting here with the window open I could (and still can) hear boys out playing footy, the ground is dry,the sky is blue and the sun is out, as if the day had not happened at all. SO I ran outside with my camera and took some sunny reflections, which I like much better 🙂 🌞

But first, the rain

took this near our corner shop
opposite the shop
opposite the shop
same puddle, rejecting the opposite tree
same puddle, reflecting the opposite tree
my favourite, would have been pic of the day.
my favourite, would have been pic of the day.

and then ta daaaa!

that's the sun reflecting in Phils car
that’s the sun reflecting in Phils car
our gaff in Phils bonnet
our gaff in Phils bonnet
windows reflecting in Phil's cars rear end :)
windows reflecting in Phil’s cars rear end 🙂

That’s my favourite so shot of the day!

Day 160~366

My lovely hubby drove me up and down the Tyne Tunnel so I could get his reflection in the mirror and have light trails from cars in the windscreen. But it was bliddy empty!! Must be a footy match on as there was just no-one on the roads.
Anyways it was fun sitting in the back holding onto the tripod for dear life!





I spend a lot of time in my car, do on average 130 miles a day around the North East, in my battered old Rav 4.  It doesn’t look much but it is AWESOME! When Phil was snowed in a couple of years ago and couldn’t get his hairdresser car out of the estate ( 🙂 ) I took him to work and back every day, over the snow and ice, up the kerbs and around the stranded BMW’s.  We’ve not had many mechanical problems, and it passed it’s 10 year MOT without any work needed, as it had it’s previous 7.  Today it surpassed itself. I went to work seeing clients down in the Middlesborough area again ( past Boob Hill again 🙂 ) and when I got to Guisborough the petrol light came on. No worries, next garage I thought. Checked my purse was in my bag, and it fell open to show a glaring space where my debit card should have been. Bugger, I though, I left it at home when I was doing internet banking yesterday. No worries, I’ll use the change in my purse, a sum total of…. 98 pence! argh!!! The short version of this story is, it got me 47 miles to right outside my house on the warning light, then to the petrol station when I picked up my card.


So this is my homage to my 2003, 3 door Toyota Rav4, HDR’d to give it some bling in Nik FX HDR PRO, ❤ my Rav XX