The Easter Fraggle report

It has been very nice to have a long weekend, and really nice to have the last 2 days with sunshine and blue skies.  I haven’t done a lot of photography, but on Thursday I had my lunch parked up in a country lane in Hexam, and had a little company.

Easter Bunnies
Easter Bunnies (nikon S1)

We haven’t really done much this weekend, Easter weekend is bonkers with traffic on the roads, and we like being at home anyway 🙂 but we did go and visit Shelley & Cal for a cup of tea on Saturday, and managed a trip to ASDA today 🙂

My polaroid camera came back from repair and seems to be working OK, although it’s taken a few crap shots before I got the hang of it again, still a bit hit and miss but I think I’m getting there. I’ll add some to the SX70 project up in the menu there if you are interested. But I will post a couple in the main blog as I really like them,

Blossom (sx70}
Blossom (sx70}

Thats my blossom tree in the from garden, which is just coming into flower now.

tomato soup to be
tomato soup to be (SX70)

I’m into making soup at the minute, and today have made a job lot of tomato and basil soup, lush it is too.

Got another shot of our visiting Bluetit

Mr.Bluey (nikon S1)

I took this shot of Phil back in 2014 when he was reading the menu in a chinese restaurant, and as I’m trying to be more B&W at the moment (inspiration from Reinhold and Emanscamera) had a go at this one, I like it quite well.

Looking down (nikon S1)
Looking down (nikon S1)

My big thing this weekend has been cleaning up all my cameras and lenses, as I have decided to part exchange all my Nikon equipment that I’ve amassed over the past 5 years and tread a different path.  I’ve been thinking of it for a while, as I’ve had 2 cameras and several lenses sitting on a shelf doing nothing, and my main camera the D700 along with any lenses is really heavy to carry around all day or take on holiday broad, it hurts my shoulder after a while. I mostly use the S1 when out and about in the car at work, which I will keep, but still need something better for outings etc. No doubt when the new stuff arrives there will be a post about it.

Goodbye dear friends
Goodbye dear friends (nikon S1)

I have to say I’ve had 2nd thoughts and 3rd & 4th, but I have done my research on what I want next and am quite excited about it now. I know, it’s not the camera but the photographer which makes good or bad shots, but this is a matter of weight and shelved lenses being wasted, more than anything.

So now I must get back in to a work frame of mind, and prepare for tomorrow,

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