A Geordie – China connection.

After our washed out morning at Dunston Staiths,we crossed the River and went to visit St.Johns Cemetary. We came across some Chinese tombstones, not a usual find when we’re traipsing through graveyards. So I did a little research….. Back we go to the late 1800’s and to the later part of the Qing dynasty, which, as I’m sure you all know, was presided over by the Empress Dowager Cixi, a formidable and capable lady who had a fascinating life, having started out as a lowly concubine, but ending up as head Missis to the Emperor.  The Chinese had four modernized…


my son Ben is staying with me this week, and coming to work with me, carrying my heavy bags, and making my life a little bit easier. And Phil is on nights so there we are on computers doing our thing, and I’m a happy Mummy this week. Will miss him when he goes back down south. All sorts of editing in potatoshop to get this how I wanted.