Beamish Museum WW1 Transport~ Part 4

Part 1 HERE     Part 2 HERE   Part 3 HERE   Coming to the end of our day out now and first off some WW1 Nurses There were quite a few horse-drawn buggies with WW1 re-enactors driving them           as well as the odd motor vehicle and a genuine WW1 airplane, though it might need some restoration yet We had lunch in one of the cafe’s   and rode on this bus to take ‘aerial’ shots 🙂     They had some horses ploughing fields and I used my telephoto to take some pictures of the horses and…

Beamish Museum WW1 Transport ~ part 3

Part 1 HERE  Part 2 HERE The museum is currently undergoing an £18million expansion, to include a 1950s Town and coaching inn.  They have a huge store cupboard where they’re getting stuff together for it. This next shot is of a contraption that was used by hairdressers to perm ladies hair! apparently they would sometimes, catch fire, or blow up, and some ladies were severely burned or died! Wall to wall retro!           Well that’s it for a look round the museum’s store cupboard, not usually open when we’ve been before, can’t wait to see the…

Beamish Museum WW1 Transport ~ Part 2

Part 1 HERE We came across a lot of horses, and people whilst we wandered around the museum The 17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge’s Own) was a cavalry regiment of the British Army, raised in 1759 and notable for its participation in the Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War. These chaps were acting the part.   They also had a WW1 canteen up and running   All images can be embiggened by clicking on them, where they look much bigger. And better. 😀 Stay tooned more to come. 🙂 SaveSave

Beamish Museum Steam Fair part 3

Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE So lovely to see the shiny old cars, and they’re all still in working order. A classic Ford     Admirable side lights! Love how everyone get dressed up in period clothing though having a mobile phone is a bit incongruous 🙂 Ringtons Tea is still going strong and makes an excellent cuppa! Newcastle Ales are still around too Not sure what this is but it was really noisy!                      

Beamish Museum Steam Fair & WW1 Vehicles, April 2016, part 2

Part 1 HERE More old vehicles from days of yore A 1910 Karrier and his engine decoration Vulcan No idea what it is, but it’s big Optimus Prime? Anyone remember these? Penny farthings Ariel Matchless Perry 2 cylinder 1916

Fraggle report~ Beamish Museum Steam Fair & WW1 vehicles, April 2016, Part 1

In April 2016, Sophie and I went off to visit Beamish Museum as they have an annual Steam fair with WW1 vehicles as well as the usual trams and olde worlde stuff. Lovely spring day, warm and sunny, and lots to see. love these trams don’t think he was happy at having his photo taken, but I’m thinking he works there so it must be par for the course! lovely happy smiley people and great motorbike & sidecar great old steam thingy oops engine trouble back on the road A 1916 Albion A10 mellow yellow hotel bus Loads more to…

Day 101~366

Today I’ve been to Beamish Museum with Sophie again for a WW1 vehicle & Steam fair.  Lots of pictures taken and there will be a Fraggle report (eventually when I’ve sorted them all) but for now, a macro shot of a cockerel figurine attached to the bonnet of one of the old cars.  (Hood ornament in U.S, Bonnet Mascot in U.K.) 🙂

Day 44~366 Beamish Museum report .

Beamish Museum is a living history museum and there is so much to see and do there. The vision of one man Dr.Frank Atkinson, it illustrates the way of life of “ordinary people” and brings the region’s history alive. It was raining, sleeting, and snowing on and off, but Sophie and I were determined to go out with our camera’s for the day, and at Beamish, the weather doesn’t matter as there’s plenty of indoor stuff to see. There’s a lot of shots but am putting them in galleries so you can click on the 1st one and scroll through if…