The Sunday Fraggle Report

I have had a busy couple of weeks, with not too many opportunities for photography, but managed a few iPhone shots. Have been upgraded now to the 6 and the camera is better. Last week I went down south to visit Ben and Lewis as it was Lewis’ 5th birthday. On the Saturday we took him to Milton Keynes shopping centre, and had a Burger King lunch and then shopping for transformers. Sunday was the actual birthday party which had a superhero theme, and Lewis was going to be Batman. A few ninja moves practised first… then getting ready for…


  This is Livvy, the youngest grandchild.  Don’t get to see her very often but today Phil’s eldest GD came round for help with painting her Easter Eggs for a competition at school, and as Phil is the painter in the family, he got the job!    I think they did quite a good job between them     Batman and The Joker!            and it gave me chance to get some shots of Livvy.