Beamish Museum Steam Fair part 3

Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE So lovely to see the shiny old cars, and they’re all still in working order. A classic Ford     Admirable side lights! Love how everyone get dressed up in period clothing though having a mobile phone is a bit incongruous 🙂 Ringtons Tea is still going strong and makes an excellent cuppa! Newcastle Ales are still around too Not sure what this is but it was really noisy!                      

Beamish Museum Steam Fair & WW1 Vehicles, April 2016, part 2

Part 1 HERE More old vehicles from days of yore A 1910 Karrier and his engine decoration Vulcan No idea what it is, but it’s big Optimus Prime? Anyone remember these? Penny farthings Ariel Matchless Perry 2 cylinder 1916

Day 117~366

So I got through my long 12 hour day, got home, had dinner, did work updates/emails and then it’s 9.30pm and the last thing I feel like doing is my photo. But you have to push through and get one done at times like this, so I shot some coloured craft beads you string to make bracelets, (it’s a kid thing). Anyway close up they look a bit manky, and if I hd the time I’d scrub them up and start again, but my body is telling me STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND VEG RIGHT NOW!!

Day 116~366

Sun turns blue and gold but winter air still lingers, strange times we live in. A Wardley Haiku 😀 Today it has snowed, and hailed, and been sunny, and very very windy and cold.  In my conservatory the sun illuminated my glass art work, while it hailed outside on the front garden. Strange times.