Alnwick Garden ~ April 2018 ~ people

Part 1 HERE. Part 2 HERE. Part 3 HERE Alnwick Gardens is a popular place for families to visit, as long as it isn’t raining too hard, there’s always a lot of cars in the car park. It’s such a big place though so you never feel crowded. It’s a good place to people watch if you are so inclined                         We’ll finish up this series next time with the giant tree house and some extraneous extras, so stay tooned my lovlies, treat yourself to the embiggenable versions of…

Alnwick Gardens ~ part 3 ~ flowers

Part 1 HERE.    Part 2 HERE Of course, a garden isn’t really a garden without flowers.  At the top of the central water cascade is where they’re all at, in a walled-off courtyard.  Plenty of tulips in bloom in April of course, all gloriously coloured, such happy flowers to see after a long grey winter.   a lovely magnolia was in bloom too,   always glad to get the macro lens out. Stay tooned folks, more to come. 🙂    

Alnwick Gardens ~part 2 ~ the water features.

Part 1 HERE WARNING- long post alert, short attention spanners cease here. 🙂 I neglected to tell the History of Alnwick Gardens in part 1, so I’ll remedy that here. The History Bit Adjacent to Alnwick Castle, the gardens have a long history under the Dukes of Northumberland but fell into disrepair until revived at the turn of the 21st century. The first garden was made by the 1st Duke of Northumberland in 1750 and he employed Capability Brown, a great English architect and known in the 18th century as Englands greatest gardener. He designed over 170 parks/gardens, many of which are…

Beamish Museum WW1 Transport~ Part 4

Part 1 HERE     Part 2 HERE   Part 3 HERE   Coming to the end of our day out now and first off some WW1 Nurses There were quite a few horse-drawn buggies with WW1 re-enactors driving them           as well as the odd motor vehicle and a genuine WW1 airplane, though it might need some restoration yet We had lunch in one of the cafe’s   and rode on this bus to take ‘aerial’ shots 🙂     They had some horses ploughing fields and I used my telephoto to take some pictures of the horses and…

Beamish Museum WW1 Transport ~ Part 2

Part 1 HERE We came across a lot of horses, and people whilst we wandered around the museum The 17th Lancers (Duke of Cambridge’s Own) was a cavalry regiment of the British Army, raised in 1759 and notable for its participation in the Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War. These chaps were acting the part.   They also had a WW1 canteen up and running   All images can be embiggened by clicking on them, where they look much bigger. And better. 😀 Stay tooned more to come. 🙂 SaveSave