52 frames ~fast shutter speed ~19/04/2020

Fast shutter speed, for extra credit do drip water photography. Well I didn’t do drips I did splashes, so no extra credit but it was fun. I don’t have off camera flash, and don’t have a fish tank either, so used a glass vase outside in the sunshine!

Here are a few that I did,

yellow pepper
poker dice

and this the one I’m using

red pepper

52 Frames ~ line from a song ~ 29/03/ 2020

This weeks theme is ‘a line from a song’. Extra credit for using an automatic generator which gives you the line, instead of choosing your own. I used it and it came up with ‘Message in a Bottle’, I presume from the song by The Police. I had a little bottle with a verse of the ditty by J.M. Barrie from the original Peter Pan novel, so I used that and a few shells I have and some sand I keep handy. Obviously with the virus thingy I can’t go out to the beach, (also it’s raining!) so I called up one of my shots taken at South Shields on my laptop and used that as background.

Am quite pleased with how this turned out!

52 Frames ~ Books ~ 22/03/2020

This weeks theme was books, with extra credit for telling a story. I’d done a shot similar to this for my B&W year, but I changed it up a bit. The Atlas shows Italy and the little boat is sailing away on the Tyrrhenian Sea, trying to escape the viral madness in the country and sail to an uninhabited Island somewhere.

52 FRAMES ~ Abandoned 08/03/2020

This weeks theme is ‘abandoned’ with extra credit for urbex. That was a no~brainer as I have the Wardley Colliery within a 10 minute walk. Can’t get more abandoned or Urbex than that. I went along yesterday, it was nice and sunny unlike today, but that played havoc with exposure. The only trouble now is trying to choose one for the 52 frames website, and I’m vacillating! Really it doesn”t matter which one, but even so I like at least 3 equally for the top spot. Sigh.

52 Frames ~ Extreme Contrast 01/03/2020

This weeks assignment was Extreme Contrast, with extra kudos for studio lighting. I decided to do a rose, as they are good shapes for contrast. I first tried on a dead one,

send me dead flowers in the morning

but that particular rose was a yellowy colour and didn’t convert that well to B&W I thought, so I tried again tonight on a white alive one, and this is the one I went with as I like all the curves and shadow shapes.

My ‘studio’ was the kitchen hob and blacksplash and I used an angle poised lamp for the lighting. Shot with my Fuji XT2 with the 80mm 1 :2.8 macro lens and a tripod. Processed in Silver FX Pro to make the most of the shadows.

52 Frames ~ pairs 25/02/2020

Even though this year is mostly about film photography, I still can’t bear to not use my Fuji. I joined a website 52 Frames which posts a creative challenge every week, and also has lots of tutorials and photography stuff on it. I started last week on week 8 and the first challenge was “Pairs”.

After the discipline of doing the 365 last year I felt I needed something to give me a push, especially as the weather as been so blah and uninspiring.