52 Frames ~ 28/12/2020~ your year in one photo

Our year has been coloured by Phil working on the front line coping with the Covid procedures in his Operating Theatres and having a horrendous time being dressed up in Hazmat gear that steams your glasses up, is uncomfortable, hot, hard to do your job in and generally is a nightmare. I’ve tried to support him, make home a sanctuary and listen to his woes and tribulations when he needs to get things off his chest. So this is the shot I did to sum up the year.

52 Frames ~ 21/12/2020 ~B&W minimalism

Sigh. This week is Black and White minimalism, with extra credit for doing a ‘nude’. Well, at my great jurassic age there’s no-way I’m getting my tits oot for the masses, and Phil has drawn the line at this one too. So I photographed an old doll type thing, a female Pierrot, which I think is called a Pierette, and that will have to do.


52 Frames ~ circles ~ 23/11/2020

Circles was the theme this week, so many things are circular it’s hard to even start. But then I came across one of the grandkids pump action shotguns that fire out soft sponge balls so decided to get Phil dressed up in his mafia gear and aim it at me. (No he didn’t fire it after!).

Circles of Doom.