52 Frames ~ 1st Feb 2021 ~ Horizon Lines

I used one of my dailies for this. I think you’re supposed to go out and shoot a landscape but really it’s about making sure the lines in your shot are level. I hate crooked horizons so I’m OK with it. We’re still in lockdown so no unnecessary journies, and I can’t be arsed to go out today anyway, too much else to do. My shed shelves are level, I know cos Phil used a spirit level when he put them up.

52 Frames ~ 28/12/2020~ your year in one photo

Our year has been coloured by Phil working on the front line coping with the Covid procedures in his Operating Theatres and having a horrendous time being dressed up in Hazmat gear that steams your glasses up, is uncomfortable, hot, hard to do your job in and generally is a nightmare. I’ve tried to support him, make home a sanctuary and listen to his woes and tribulations when he needs to get things off his chest. So this is the shot I did to sum up the year.

52 Frames ~ 21/12/2020 ~B&W minimalism

Sigh. This week is Black and White minimalism, with extra credit for doing a ‘nude’. Well, at my great jurassic age there’s no-way I’m getting my tits oot for the masses, and Phil has drawn the line at this one too. So I photographed an old doll type thing, a female Pierrot, which I think is called a Pierette, and that will have to do.