SX-70 my impossible project!


Well I didn’t make it to 100 for 2015, but 68 not bad, am sure I had to throw away enough to make it more than 100 taken! So now this year I’m doing a 366, I’m also taking a few still life with the ’70. Starting again with the 100 polaroids for 2016.










4 The May Tree


5 The May Tree


6 The May Tree


7 Tree Bark


8 Clematis

9 Skye

9 Skye

10 Blossom Tree

10 Blossom Tree

11 Cal The Marvel

11 Cal The Marvel


Haha, well epic fail on my part, been so wrapped up in the 366 project, this one fell by the wayside. Never mind, there’s always 2017! I have still used the 70 now and then, so here are some I took on a visit to the beach at South Shields.


12 The Weebles

13 Weebles close up

Weebles close up

14 Herd Groyne Lighthouse

Herd Groyne Lighthouse

15 The Harbour

The Harbour

<img class="size-full wp-image-7105" src="" alt="16 16 Heart of Stone









Rose (68)





coffee (67)


Halloween 🙂


Pumpkin (66)



Took the SX70 on our trip to Holland, and finished the film at home.

Complementary toilettries, The Relish Hotel, Folkestone

Complementary toilettries, The Relish Hotel, Folkestone (65)

View from the terrace, NH Koningshof

View from the terrace, NH Koningshof (64)

Leaves, woodland, Eindhoven

Leaves, woodland, Eindhoven (63)

Wood post

Wood post (62)


Storm (61)

Salt n pepper pots 2

Salt n pepper pots 2 (60)

Salt n pepper pots

Salt n pepper pots (59)


Well 2 months since I picked up the SX70!! Must try harder. Think the film melted waiting for me.

Cal the photographer

Cal the photographer (58)

Skye in the sun (57)

Skye in the sun (57)



Well maybe I’m getting the hang of it, these came out quite well I think!

Skye under the table

Skye under the table (56)

BBQ at last!

BBQ at last! (55)



I’m on a roll, all this practice is paying off, we’re having some sort of 3 day heatwave, so I took the ’70 to work with me today as I was going over to Hexam and it’s a beautiful part of the country.

Had to photograph this little wooden church I spotted along the way, it’s called St.Aidens. The church is painted green, but the whole shot seems to have a green cast, which usually happens if you develop the film at too low a temperature, it was 28 decs though so can’t be the prob.

Wooden Church

Wooden Church (54)

I also spotted a poppy field, so after I saw my client I parked up by a gap in the hedge and rooted about taking poppy shots with my Nikon, and also the ’70, really pleased with the focus, had exposure wheel down to total black, still a tad over exposed, going to have to fork out for a filter set but it’ll have to wait.

Field of poppies

Field of poppies (53)


Pop! (52)

Oh and then one more of the garden daisy patch, I do like them 🙂

the daisy patch

the daisy patch (51)

I’m just over half way through the project, and it’s end of June, so everything is on track. 🙂 Will try and get ahead through the next 3 months, as when the bad weather returns it won’t be as nice 🙂




Still practicing, finished off the black frame round film…

The sunlight was too bonkers really but at least I managed to get yellow instead of blow out, this was with the exposure wheel all the way in dark.


Yellow (50)

She’s not good at having a photo taken, nearly always moves just as I press the shutter, which she did here so is a little fuzzy. The way the light has caught her left eye makes her look boss eyed, it makes me laugh.


Storm (49)

Sky is a bit better at keeping still for the camera but won’t look in the lens, we’ve fitted a collar to her today so she is sulking here. Maybe a little underexposed, exposure wheel back to half way for this, but if I’d turned it up the sky would be more blown than it is.

Sky (sulking)

Sky (sulking)(48)





It’s been a few weeks since I got the SX70 out, as I have a newFuji XT1 have been concentrating on that. However due to my hubby buying me flowers and some daisies appearing on the lawn, I thought I’d best get on with the project. It was a sunny day on and off, so had a few problems with exposure, finding it difficult to assess the right place to set the exposure wheel. Way over exposed to start with.


over exposed daisies

over exposed daisies (46/47)

Also found it difficult to expose in the conservatory as it’s bright in there, but even with the wheel fully turned to the dark side, the rose was blown out.

blow outs

blow outs (43/44/45)

This is the best one and even that didn’t pick up any detail in the rose, which as you’ll see in the colour shots is a pastel yellow shade.

Flowers B&W

Flowers B&W (42)

Have to say though, the gen.2 B&W film is amazing, I love not having to put the shot straight into a dark place, and love watching it ‘come to life’ in about 3 mins!  This one below is the best of the daisy shots, again the exposure wheel was in the black and I also waited for clouds to obscure the sun.


Daises (41)


Had a couple of focus duh! moments along the way both in colour & B&W


focus!! (39/40)

But also managed some quite nice shots in the end, so am pleased. You have to smash a few eggs to make an omelette apparently.


Breakfast (38)


daisies (37)

Flowers squared

Flowers squared (36)

Flowers rounded

Flowers rounded~ my fave 🙂 (35)





17/5/15 Another shot of my spotty orchid, and also a silly selfie 🙂 The selfie didn’t turn out too bad, except my hand looks huge, but the orchid background was actually blue in real life, this film seems to have a pink colour cast.

Me in the mirror

Me in the mirror (34)

Spotty orchid

Spotty orchid (33)


26/4/15 I’ve been focusing more on the new Fuji XT1 so have neglected my SX70 for a couple of weeks, but it now lives in my camera bag so when I’m out and about I’ll try and remember to get at least one shot! Last week I went for a walk around the coast at south shields and took a shot of the lighthouse, and this week a walk around Wardley so a shot of the colliery.


Wardley Colliery (32)



Souter Lighthouse

Souter Lighthouse (31)

Quite pleased with the lighthouse, but the colliery came out a bit dark, and with a yellow streak down it. Oh well, new film to insert now.



12/4/15. Well the SX70 is still functioning and am currently using a colour film with the frame designed by Lulu Guiness for the Impossible people.

I needed a ‘cartoon’ shot for the sunday challenge group so shot the Simpsons in front of the grandkids dolls house.

The Simpsons (30)

The Simpsons (30)

My lunch and a glass of cheap bucks fizz, came out OK on the whole.

Salad days

Salad days (29)


The focus is a bit off here but I couldn’t get the breeze to stop 🙂 also the exposure is a bit high, but nice soft tones which I like.

Blossom tree

Blossom tree (28)

Am quite pleased with the focus and exposure on this shot of Skye.

Skye (27)

Skye (27)




GEN 2 colour film.

6/4/15 It functioned for a moment, then didn’t! Had exactly the same problem as before it went away, but now it’s back again and so far so good.  The first film I tried with it is a new apparently improved colour film for faster ‘instantness’, i.e you don’t have to keep it in the dark for 45 mins, it starts developing after 3-4 mins then continues to do so. But I erred on the side of caution and stuck it in a drawer for 30 mins anyway. What I found was each shot came out over exposed. I turned the exposure dial to fully dark mode and it still came out over exposed, so not too thrilled with the new film. The black frame is from a normal colour film shot for comparison. Exposure in neutral for black frame, fully dark for the gen 2’s. Temp about 18degC (64f).

new colour film gen 2

new colour film gen 2 (23/24/25/26)

So I then tried an expired film but the ink didn’t come out at all on any of them so 8 shots in the bin sigh!

THEN I got out a new colour film, not gen 2, though I have another one to try yet, and got some better results.

Phil being grumpy at the PC

Phil being grumpy at the PC (22)

not the best focusing but at least the exposure is OK.

Spotty orchid

Spotty orchid (21)

Focus nice, I wanted the light and shade so am happy with this one.


Blossom (20)

Love how that came out, great blue tone.

selfie haha

selfie haha (19)

messing about 🙂

tomato soup to be

tomato soup to be (18)

so things are progressing!





8/3/15. Well the camera is still functioning for the moment, still not getting a good shot of my orchid, but did much better with my wooden heart.

Love (17)

Love (17)


Spotty orchid (16)

7/3/15 So had another go at shooting my orchids, I had the exposure set at half way, but even though it was overcast in the conservatory I shall need to remember to drop the exposure a bit, so the colours of the orchids are washed out. Then, the damned thing broke down again, exactly as it did before I had it repaired so I am not so pleased. The next shot I took just came out dark blue as did the next. I couldn’t see through the viewfinder and the camera wouldn’t close. I had to eject the film cartridge and lose the last shot, after which the camera seemed to sort itself out, so it must be a problem with the film housing.  I’ve emailed The Impossible Project people to either get a refund or a different SX70, don’t trust this one now 😦 anyway I’ve put another film in, and the first shot has come out, took a quick one of Phil so not great focus or comp, just testing to see if it worked again.

Phil test shot (15)

Phil test shot (15)


epic fail of camera

epic fail of camera


12 & 13

12 & 13



6/3/15 Bought a new orchid today, didn’t get the focus right on it, will have to have another go, too close I think. Will try again at the weekend.

Spotty Dotty

Spotty Dotty (11)


5/3/15 A shot of my plant in the conservatory, in focus! Strangely the grey blinds behind it have been turned pink, but I like it.

potplant (10)

potplant (10)



23/2 Yay SX70 is repaired and back in business. Test shot of Phil.


Phil (9)




8/2 Well my project got caught short as my camera broke down and I’ve had to send it to Holland to get repaired. But my old SX70 camera which is technically not as versatile, nor has as many moving parts, has had to be employed as a stand in for the time being.

Lake Bassenthwaite

Lake Bassenthwaite (8)


LAke Bassenthwaite

Lake Bassenthwaite (7)



17/1 focus OK composition a bit off, should have left a bit more space at the bottom.


17/1 feathers (6)




10/1 still dodgy with the focus, think I shake too much!


10/1 orchid 1

10/1 orchid 1 (4)

this one better on the focus. Temperature good, colours came out nice.


10/1/orchid 2 (5)



weebles. focus fine but it was damned cold, should have put the developing picture into a warm pocket but stupidly put it in my camera bag. The low temp has had an effect on the colours giving a bluey/green cast.


weebles 8-jan-15

weebles 8-jan-15 (3)

3/1 shells. Focus a bit off but nice colours.

shells 3/1/13

shells 3/1/13 (2)

4/1 front window view. Rubbish shot really as it’s bland with no subject. Should have dropped the exposure level a little but then shadows would have been even darker. Wrong light conditions.

Front view 4/1/15

Front view 4/1/15 (1)

5 thoughts on “SX-70 my impossible project!

  1. Instant pictures don’t always lead to instant gratification . . . I have an Instax that I totally enjoy, but don’t use too often – more of a party toy – but there is something to be said for ones with bigger prints. Nice collection!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, my 600 is my party camera, especially as now they are doing film that develops straight away and you don’t have to put the shots in a dark place for 45mins, at least in B&W. The SX70 is my fave though, love it when that goes right!

      Liked by 1 person

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