G is for Grain. Grain is really a film photography term and refers to the tiny flecks found in film photographs. Depending on the type of film used, how it’s processed and in particular the speed of the film, the grain will vary in texture and amount. It’s digital equivalent is called ‘noise’ and in photographic editing software, e.g Lightroom et al, grain can be added to a photo to give it a vintage feel.

G is for Gobe. Gobe sell great quality lens filters of all types, as well as accessories such as lens cleaners, and lens adapters which allow you to use vintage lenses on new digital cameras. I use them because they are committed to sustainability. Their packaging is minimalist recycled and recyclable cardboard, which is consciously designed to be reused as storage vessels. For each product purchased, they help employ local communities to plant 5 trees in areas suffering severe deforestation. Their website is informative and they have a digital magazine you can read which is comprehensive and illuminating. Find them HERE.

G is for Ara Güler, known as the ‘Eye of Istanbul’, where he was born in 1928~2018. As well as photographing famous people such as Picasso and Churchill, he spent many hours photographing Istanbul, and became the most influential Turkish photographer of his time.

Generations of Turkish photographers grew up looking at his nostalgic and dreamy Istanbul photos. His passion and commitment were boundless and inspired us all. The city has gradually lost its charm, but its pictures will always be there to remind us the good old days. He dedicated his life and his energy to photographing life itself and for this reason he is an example for many photographers. He had such a strong character, he was full of energy and funny. Even if his health had worsened in recent months, he was always happy to welcome others and share good memories with friends in his famous Ara Kafé, near the no less well-known Istiklal Avenue. We will miss him.

Emin Özmen

You can read about him and see some of his beautiful melancholic B&W pictures of the city HERE and watch a short video (2 mins) where he talks about his work and shows some more images.

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