D is for Depth of Field, (DOF) the amount of sharpness in the image from the front to the back, and depends on the aperture used in camera and the distance from the camera to the subject. A full explanation can be found here in A Guide for Beginers.

D is for Digitalab, an award winning online photo printing company, based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, but used all over the world. You can order and pay for your film to be developed online, send in the film and it’s a quick turnaround. They also make quality prints from digital files with lots of different media to choose from.

D is for David duChemin, a Canadian world & humanitarian photographer, author, adventurer, and entrepreneur. He is a great teacher, not so much about the technical aspects, but about creativity and how it’s applied to photography. He makes excellent photography courses, and free PDF’s for tips on photography, has an interesting podcast and there is a Youtube channel that has 80 or so videos that discuss creativity and photography. Check him out HERE.

D is for Bruce Davidson. Born in 1933 Davidson is an acclaimed American street photographer, known for his dedication to the documentation of social inequality and part of the famous Magnum collective. He started taking pictures at the age of 10 in Illinois, and is still going strong today. His biography is worth a read, he has an interesting life. In 1960 he travelled to the UK and produced a great body of work, travelling from London to Scotland and places in between well worth a look HERE along with some of his American travels.

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