Abstract~Fraggle 2019

A is for abstraction, not a genre of photography I usually do, but I enjoy seeing others work and I try now and then. Some great examples are shown here. Penelope Umbrico is doing some great work and her Suns from Sunsets from Flickr is an interesting concept as is her Full Moons project. To read about famous abstract photographers and see examples of their work, this article is a good read.

A is for Ansel Adams. One of the most revered photographers in the world, his beautiful black and white landscapes taken at Yosemite are stunning and have inspired more photographers than you can shake a tripod at. I don’t have a book of his (yet) but there is a wonderful, comprehensive website where you can read his biography which is really interesting, and see a lot of his work.

A is for one of my absolute favourite photographers, Richard Avedon. He had an amazing career photographing across genres, encompassing portrait, reportage, and fashion. I love scrolling through The Work, on the Avedon website, it is so eclectic and fascinating.

A is for Analogue, and I still love shooting film. I have a blog called Fragglefilm dedicated to my analogue adventures. I buy film from a company based in Buckinhamshire in the south of England. They are a small company but stock lots of interesting films, their website is called Analogue Wonderland and it’s a great resource as they don’t just sell film and accessories, but have tips and guest posts, loads of interesting stuff to see on their site. They post all over the world and at a reasonable cost.

A is for aperture.org Created in 1952 by photographers and writers as “common ground for the advancement of photography,” Aperture today is a multi-platform publisher and center for the photo community. They publish books, magazines, have a blog, do exhibitions,competitions et al.

“I never know in advance what I will photograph, … I go out into the world and hope I will come across something that imperatively interests me. I am addicted to the found object. I have no doubt that I will continue to make photographs till my last breath.” – Ansel Adams

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