52 Frames~shot with a mobile phone ~ 16/11/2020

This weeks theme was to take a shot with your mobile phone, with extra credit for a portrait, which I didn’t fancy doing as Phil was busy at work and I’m not doing a selfy again. Also I really don’t use my phone much for ‘proper’ photography, it’s good for family snaps and the like but I spent a herd of money on my big girl camera so like to use that! Never mind, I did a picture of 3 little violas who somehow escaped the pot they lived in back in spring and have lately appeared in the mortar of my patio!

13 thoughts on “52 Frames~shot with a mobile phone ~ 16/11/2020

  1. Terrific image! I like the texture creating contrast to the softness of the petals. I never knew these little flowers were called violas. I always thought they were ‘johnny jump-ups, then again for some reason proper flower names just will not stick in my mind. Funny how such a delicate plant can thrive even when landing in mortar….

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      1. That’s so great…I wonder how that name came about? Let’s give it a look shall we? Here it is, and quite naturally it’s an “Americanism” for the viola, named so because of its rapid rate of growth. It’s as if the flower seems to simply jump up in the spring LOL. Well that makes sense! There it is again, a photo is worth 1 million words or something like that. ☮️

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