52 Frames ~use a tripod ~ 28/09/2020

This weeks theme is to use a tripod. I have a couple of tripods, a light one for going out with and a heavier one for using at home if I need one, and I use it a fair amount so this didn’t really seem much of a challenge. However, the extra credit was to do a composite, i.e take pictures in exactly the same place with the same object or person in different positions, and combine them to make one picture containing all the objects or the persons.

This was a challenge as I’d kind of tried this in the past, going to youtube for help, but the tutorials were not great and neither were my results. However I found a really good and easy one to follow, so came up with…..

The Cloning of Phil

I went wrong a couple of times before I got to the end result here, but good fun to do.

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