52 Frames ~ Symmetry ~ 24/05/2020

I missed out last weeks photo which was ‘levitation’ and I needed Phil’s help but by the time he had time it was too late! No matter, this weeks theme is ‘Symmetry’ with special kudos for doing a double exposure. I am not keen on double exposures so I did my own thing 🤣


also they like it if you can find a quote to go with your shot 🙄 which I don’t usually bother with (I’m not playing right am I? 🤣 ) but I did for this week.

“The law of right-left symmetry was used in classical physics but was not of any great practical importance there. One reason for this derives from the fact that right-left symmetry is a discrete symmetry, unlike rotational symmetry, which is continuous”.

Chen-Ning Yang

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