52 Frames ~ Single Focal Point ~ 14/09/2020

I missed last week for various reasons, but back to it this week with the theme of a single point focus, with extra credit for using an aperture of 1.4.

At first I didn’t bother about the extra credit and used my zoom lens on a funny little robin visiting the happy eater tree.


but then I decided to try messing around with my 35mm which has an aperture of 1.4, and this is the shot I went with in the end.

Counting the ways.

so that’s it for this week.


  1. I love the sweet little robin, but that second photo is gorgeous! And I love that sonnet!😍

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    1. One of my absolute favourite sonnets, I’ve calligraphied it before but liked it for the photo. Elizabeth Barrett Browning, sonnets from the Portuguese :43.

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      1. It’s so lovely! I had this very pretty tea chest and one Christmas when we were short of money I got some parchment-like paper and calligraphied the lines on individual slips of paper with a square of Lindt chocolate in each drawer. I gave it to Tom and he still says it was one of his favorite gifts.😊

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        1. Awww that’s so romantic!

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  2. It just feels churlish to leave a comment of ‘nope’ on either of these nice pictures.

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    1. Oh I don’t mind, feel free to nope away, I do! πŸ˜€

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  3. Both are just beautiful!

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