52 Frames ~ Single Focal Point ~ 14/09/2020

I missed last week for various reasons, but back to it this week with the theme of a single point focus, with extra credit for using an aperture of 1.4.

At first I didn’t bother about the extra credit and used my zoom lens on a funny little robin visiting the happy eater tree.


but then I decided to try messing around with my 35mm which has an aperture of 1.4, and this is the shot I went with in the end.

Counting the ways.

so that’s it for this week.

22 thoughts on “52 Frames ~ Single Focal Point ~ 14/09/2020

  1. I don’t understand, but for some reason these posts never show up in the reader for me😒 So…I seek them out myself πŸ˜€ That picture of writing the letter looks amazing, it almost feels like one of those classic movies. Incredibly beautiful! πŸ˜€

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    1. Thanks Michel, I don’t know why they don’t turn up in the reader, it’s strange as I think they turn up on twitter sometimes. Maybe because the ‘project’ section is different to the blogs. I think there’s a way to follow a project because Pete managed, but not sure about that. It’ll just have to be my secret work!


  2. Gorgorus, Fraggle! Love the Robin and even more teh writing of the sonnet. A poem that begins with the idea of counting, and the desire for description as well as enumeration, that’s wonderful. Have you posted your calligraphied version of the sonnet? If yes, can you please give me the link here? x

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