52 Frames ~ ‘shoot through’ ~ 12/10/2020

Yes this weeks theme is ‘shooting through’ ~ frames, doorways, bottles, fabric, you name it if there’s a bit of transparecy you can shoot through it. I’ve spent a couple of days shooting through things and now yet again have a decision to make as to which one to post for my challemge.

First one I did was to shoot the graffiti at the railway through the fence

Skum 🥴

I quite like the colour of the graffiti but ‘SKUM’ doesn’t really do it for me so that’s last on my list. Further on down I found a patch of sunlight on a footpath through the woods, so I u sed my glass prism to see what effects I could make shooting through it, and this is the one I liked best.

Enchanted woods

I really like this one, so possibly this one will go in. Today I met up with Sophie in Roker (masks and Soc.Dis.) for a little outing and there’s an art installation with a hole in it…..


and I like this one too sigh. This is another one I took taken through empty windows of a disused building.

Shrooms and moon

I do like it, but it’s not technically good enough, so doesn’t make the cut.

So, Enchanted Woods or I-Spy, decisions decisions! Time for a Phil input!

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