52 Frames ~ rule of odds ~ 24/08/2020

I missed last week, which was do a night shot, with extra credit for astrophotography I didn’t think you could do one indoors, but was ready to go out and shoot the perseids meteor shower. Of course it was either clouded over or hoying it down with the rain, so I missed out the week. Of course when I looked at others work, loads of indoor shots. Duh.

Never mind, this week was ‘rule of odds’ choose 3/5/7 objects. Dunno what’s up with me at the mo, I am struggling to be creative with my camera, keep thinking, done that, been there, which is a poor excuse but it is what it is. Anyway yesterday whilst I was away in Jedburgh, I was waiting for Phil to come out of a shop and on the other side of the road I spotted these 5 giant balls, and thought they would fit the brief. Extra credit for symmetrical framing, which I didn’t do 🙂


    1. Thanks Kim 😘

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  1. Beautiful shot! I imagine the smile on the face of a kid receiving one of those balls as a present!

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    1. Yes, I’d rather like one myself! Cheers Elizabeth.

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  2. 52 frames – film? Anyway, I like the faded elements with spots of color; the DOF makes it even better. I haven’t been out at all because of the heat, but off I go now to just move my tushie!

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    1. Not film, a weekly prompt group. Makes me think.


  3. Your limited depth of field and strong color on the balls calls out the main subject nicely!

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