52 Frames ~ ‘Roll of 24’ ~ 11/05/2020

Well this one seems a bit of a daft challenge to me. We are supposed to shoot digitally as if we had a roll of film, i.e. 24 shots. Extra credit for a 1 click photo.

“This week you are only allowed to use one single “roll of film” to shoot your photo (not literally, we mean 24 clicks of your digital shutter!) You get to choose the subject and are more than welcome to edit as much as you like. But you are limited to only one “roll of film” to take this week’s photo. So this means ONLY 24 frames (or 12 if you wanna make it more challenging). And if none of those photos are ‘perfect’, you still have to choose one of them to upload to the album.”

How can you tell if someone has done only one shot?? Anyway, I did one shot, by recreating a picture I did for my 366 in 2016 which seemed suitable.

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