52 Frames ~ New experience ~ 10/08/2020

So this week we had to do a new experience, go somewhere new, use a new photography technique, eat a new food. That kind of thing. Wish this one had been in a couple of weeks when Phil and I are off to Jedburgh, a new place for me, but hey-ho that’s how the cookie crumbles. So the extra credit this time was something from your bucket list. Well I’ve got a lensbaby lens on my bucket list, and as it’s my birthday soon, I thought I’d treat myself to a little one. The lensbaby Trio 28 has 3 lenses which give different effects, one where the pictures come out fuzzy around the edges, another one that gives everything a glow, and one that does a twisty bokeh. I have yet to experiment more, but managed to get the twisty to work on my umbrella plant.

I don’t expect it’ll win any prizes, but I’m just starting out with this one!

New lens, baby!

17 thoughts on “52 Frames ~ New experience ~ 10/08/2020

  1. Always nice to try out some new kit. Great photo too. Lensbabys are trick to master, so I’m told.

    (You might remember I get free stuff as an Amazon tester. Last week, I snagged one of these, complete with stand/remote. It’s the most expensive thing I have got for nothing off Amazon so far, and even pricier than a Lenovo laptop I got free in 2018.
    Still in the box, as I am waiting for the weather to cool down before I play with it.)

    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I have no idea what a lensbaby is (sorry…I’m not so technical😅😅😅), but if you can make pictures like these with them, that’s just excellent! Also…nice to hear your birthday is coming up! Hope you will have a wonderful day ahead of you😊

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