52 Frames ~ line from a song ~ 29/03/ 2020

This weeks theme is ‘a line from a song’. Extra credit for using an automatic generator which gives you the line, instead of choosing your own. I used it and it came up with ‘Message in a Bottle’, I presume from the song by The Police. I had a little bottle with a verse of the ditty by J.M. Barrie from the original Peter Pan novel, so I used that and a few shells I have and some sand I keep handy. Obviously with the virus thingy I can’t go out to the beach, (also it’s raining!) so I called up one of my shots taken at South Shields on my laptop and used that as background.

Am quite pleased with how this turned out!

7 thoughts on “52 Frames ~ line from a song ~ 29/03/ 2020

  1. WOW! Love it!!! We have a beach trip planned for June but it isn’t looking good. Much more concerning is my son’s high school graduation. They are already discussing postponement and potential cancellation. It’s heartbreaking.

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