52 Frames ~ 13/06/2020

So this weeks theme was “edited by someone else” Sigh. There was a spreadsheet with the names of people willing to edit your shot and you could put your name down next to their name. All the photogrophers who are usually in the top 3 each week were already taken but I decided to hang on til the last minute and choose someone who hadn’t got anybody signed up. There were a few so I checked out their sites and ended up choosing a chap called Francis who lives in Yellowknife, Canada. OK hands up, I chose him because he’d done a selfie, was quite handsome and had marvelous hair! Anyways, we got in touch and agreed to edit each others photos.

He sent me this one


which I then went berserk on and did this

afterwards I had second thoughts, too many errors in that one so sent this next as an alternative, I hope he chooses this one!

I sent him this

and got back this, which I really like!

9 thoughts on “52 Frames ~ 13/06/2020

  1. I’m late, but so glad I didn’t miss this altogether. What fun! I was typing the same question as Kim, then went back and found her question and your reply. Portable “tourist” info pods that serve coffee, then? They have such a “steampunkery” look, you know I like them. You slayed me about Francis having great hair. πŸ˜€ It gave me the “warm fuzzies” that you waited and chose someone who didn’t get any offers. That’s beautiful human-kindness. I like the warmer pinkish tone he gave your photo, but over all I like the contrast in your original best. (Maybe just the brightness of how my laptop is reading the photos though.)
    His original is such a whimsical seeming concept. It’s lovely. I don’t know what errors you had, but I liked the sunset treatment you gave it best. But the daytime clouds were just as nice.
    It sounds like a fun collaboration. Hugs to you both.

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