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Yes this week it’s food photography, with extra credit for complementary colours, so nailed that one, blue & orange. I had a look at chiaroscura food photography and got inspired to give it ago. First I had to make some soup, and then faff on in the shed with my tripod and lots of lighting probems to solve, but ended up with a fairly decent shot I think. So here it is, Roast Carrot and Pumpkin soup. After I finished photographing it, Phil and I had it for lunch, twas very nice!


17 comments on “52 Frames ~ Food Photography ~ 19/10/2020

    1. It’s a really tasty recipe Kim 😘

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  1. I can almost smell it, Fraggle! x

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  2. Yup! That’s looks nice, can you send a piping hot bowl round? Ta.

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    1. All gone sorry 😊

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  3. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! My mouth is watering right now! Love the colours, orange really goes well with blue! And the bread seems delish too!

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    1. Thanks Elizabeth it was all very tasty!

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  4. Fraggle this is gorgeous. Breaking open the roll was a perfect touch. And yes, it all looks delicious too. “Chiaroscura food photography” is a new term for me. I’m off for some fun Googling. Hugs on the wing.

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  5. steviegill says:

    Looks delicious and beautifully shot!

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  6. Wow, you really did nail it! This is a gorgeous photo, the lighting is wonderful. I could put this on my wall!

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    1. Thanks Liza 😊


  7. Keith says:

    So here I am at “work” waiting for my lunch hour and I come across this. It makes waiting considerably HARDER! Looks delish.

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    1. Haha, it was delish! Thanks keith πŸ™‚

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