52 frames ~fast shutter speed ~19/04/2020

Fast shutter speed, for extra credit do drip water photography. Well I didn’t do drips I did splashes, so no extra credit but it was fun. I don’t have off camera flash, and don’t have a fish tank either, so used a glass vase outside in the sunshine!

Here are a few that I did,

yellow pepper
poker dice

and this the one I’m using

red pepper

14 thoughts on “52 frames ~fast shutter speed ~19/04/2020

  1. Are you aware of a ‘comments issue’? I got a notification of a comment you made on redglagflying, but it will not appear on my post, no matter how I try to get it on there, or how many times I click the link. It lists the comments as one more than are showing, so it knows you commented, but it is not visible. I thought it might just be my blog, but then I see the same thing is happening on Ed’s blog too. This is a new one on me, and you might need to contact WP to see what’s going on.
    I copied and pasted your comment onto redflagflying in the end using your blog name, but of course that means it shows up as coming from me.
    Cheers, Pete.

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    1. Hello Pete,
      it happened to Klausbernd on his blog (kbvollmarblog.wordpress.com) as well. I got in touch with WP and had a long chat with a robot, later with WP email correspondence. Many bloggers reported the same issue. It’s a bit better now, but still there’re some comments now showing. The funny thing is, you can read the comment in the reader, but they don’t appear on the website. x

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  2. Those are so awesome! How long have you been a photographer. I would love to get really good at it and understand all the things that can actually be accomplished if you know how to use the camera to it’s full capacity.

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    1. Thanks! I’ve been using a camera since I was a teen, but only got into ‘photography’ about 10 years ago. I am not a professional, just like mucking about with a camera. There’s so much info on the web to teach you about it, both technical and philosophical, and post processing and the like, and that’s where I’ve got most of my training from. If you want any websites or info send me your email and I’ll point you to some good places to learn from.

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