52 Frames ~detail ~19/07/2020

This week the theme was ‘details’, with extra credit for HDR. I didn’t do HDR, I’m well over that! Anyway I’ve done enough really close-up macro shots, especially of flowers, so thought I’d go for details in context, so went to shoot some wildflowers over in the wastelands at the back of our estate. Actually the wastelands is a local nature reserve for wildflowers and the like so not really wasted, it’s just what I call it for speed. I came across lots and lots of buttercups interspersed with a few clover flowers and also some other wildflowers in long grass, and had difficulty choosing which one to post.

Corn melilot
Downy Vetch
More Downy Vetch

This next one is the one I submitted in the end.

Clover in buttercups.

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