52 FRAMES ~ Abandoned 08/03/2020

This weeks theme is ‘abandoned’ with extra credit for urbex. That was a no~brainer as I have the Wardley Colliery within a 10 minute walk. Can’t get more abandoned or Urbex than that. I went along yesterday, it was nice and sunny unlike today, but that played havoc with exposure. The only trouble now is trying to choose one for the 52 frames website, and I’m vacillating! Really it doesn”t matter which one, but even so I like at least 3 equally for the top spot. Sigh.


  1. I LOVE these….woud make great paintings or inspiration for wall pieces…hmmm…will let you know if they stir up something!

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    1. Cool! And cheers! 😄

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  2. These are really great shots. I think my favourite is the middle one in the second row. There’s a brightness to it that is an unexpected find in photos of an abandoned building!

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  3. I really like all these for your theme, but especially the 5th one. I like looking at the shadows and graffiti down the long hallway.

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    1. Thanks Kim, I like that one too!


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