52 Frames ~ 28/12/2020~ your year in one photo

Our year has been coloured by Phil working on the front line coping with the Covid procedures in his Operating Theatres and having a horrendous time being dressed up in Hazmat gear that steams your glasses up, is uncomfortable, hot, hard to do your job in and generally is a nightmare. I’ve tried to support him, make home a sanctuary and listen to his woes and tribulations when he needs to get things off his chest. So this is the shot I did to sum up the year.

31 thoughts on “52 Frames ~ 28/12/2020~ your year in one photo

  1. It doesn’t seem like enough to say thank your husband for his sacrifice. That photo should be on the cover of Time Magazine. Photos have more impact than words, though your thoughts are equally moving. I’d love to show this photo and your words on my Facebook page, but I feel that I should get your permission to do so. I’ll understand if you’d rather not. Either way, your husband is one of many heroes.

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  2. Without a doubt, Fraggle, your picture of your heroic husband is the end-all to the year. I agree with Kim and Pete and the others, this photo should be seen by as many people as possible. And, Fraggle, I not only applaud Phil, but you also for your wonderful backing of him. I would also like permission to show your photo.

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        1. It’s OK, the portfolio section doesn’t turn up in the reader so can only see it from the main page, it’s just a weekly project for myself so wasn’t worried if no-one saw it, but some peeps find it anyway 😊

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