52 Frames ~21/09/2020 ~ A Chair

Yes that’s the theme for this week.

“You can focus on the unique design of an artisanal chair, highlight just a specific part of a chair, surprise us with a chair in an unusual setting or tell us a story that has a chair as the main character”.

Extra credit for telling a story which I think mine does.

I was initially going to photograph one of the many memorial benches at the coast, but thought a bench isn’t really a chair. So I took a chair down to the water’s edge and did a memorial chair. Phil came with me to carry it for me πŸ™‚ I took a whole series of shots with the chair in different places, on rocks, on seaweed, facing different aspects with different views, but liked the simplicity of just the chair and the sea best. Wish I’d dropped the camera a bit lower to get all of the reflection in the water, sigh. So here are four shots that I liked…

On the rocks
Chair with a view
Dramatic sky

18 thoughts on “52 Frames ~21/09/2020 ~ A Chair

  1. That looks like a sturdy chair, so thanks to Phil for being the sherpa! I’m sure you both had lots of fun trying out the various angles. It works so well and to me the different views all display a different mood. Congratulations, Fraggle.

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