Photography Project 366 2016

Back in 2011 I decided to do a 365 project, take one shot a day for 1year, and I managed it, but sometimes I was taking a quick iPhone snap at 11pm as I’d forgotten, or just couldn’t find inspiration. I learned a lot over the year though and came out the other side with more knowledge about my camera and photography in general, so on the whole it was a good experience.  In 2013 I started another but only got to 114 days before I succumbed to work pressure wiping out my motivation and time.  I’ve always wanted to do another, and now I’m part time and work not quite so demanding, I’m starting one today. This time I’m going to have some structure to it, and have chosen a theme for each month. Here is my list:-

  1. January ~ Still Life   January 366
  2. February~Black & White feb16 mosaic 366
  3. March~Square shots march2016~squares
  4. April~ Macro’s April 2016
  5. May~ The tree… there’s a lone tree in the woodland nearby.   PicMonkey Collage
  6. June~Reflectons       June collagew
  7. July~Shadows  July16Colw
  8. August~Colour August Collage
  9. September~Numbers sept2016
  10. October~legooctcollage
  11. November~Crystal Ball nov16collage
  12. December~Light picmonkey-collage