Otto arrived yesterday yay!!  It was entitled – Otto plays air guitar – so I thought I’d give him a ghostly air guitar in this pic of him.  I know, I know, he plays lead in the TV series, but I bet he can play bass too 🙂 Thanks to my hubby for the loan […]

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A long day today. I went to Leeds for a Starkey product launch and lectures on tinnitus.  I travelled down with 2 colleagues, Brenda and Stan, and we had a fun 2 hour journey playing ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’! The launch was held at Oulton Hall, an 18th century beautiful building it has […]

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    I found with my previous 365 that if I was stuck for ideas or ‘couldn’t be bothered’ with  a daily photo I would ‘cheat’ and use my hipstamatic app on the I-phone to do the daily shot.  I am trying really hard not to do that this time, and have managed so far. […]

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  Just a quickie tonight, so much work to do!!  Anyway I was wracking my brain for something to shoot, these cold dark nights don’t make things easy. So I’ve raided my hubby’s Simpson collection and got out my 35mm 1.8F lens, which I haven’t used in ages and shot his Homers!  He has every […]

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This my hubby’s favourite belt and buckle. In fact it’s the only belt he wears.  He got it on his 16th Birthday, which makes it an antique just about. I got the exposures a bit squiffy, in one the buckle was right but you couldn’t see the belt part, and in the other the buckle […]

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My friend Sophie and I went on one of our mini toglateering sessions to Tynemouth, and we visited seaworld, and also Tynemouth Market. I have to say the highlight of my day was getting a cup of coffee from these two guys who work for Ouseburn Coffee Co. Artisan Roastery, the first independent coffee roastery […]

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We babysat our grandson Cal last night. He’s full of mischief but far too cute to be cross with. He also likes Duran Duran 🙂

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Well here we go, hello February.  My whole life revolves around ears. My hubby is a muso in a big way, the best stereo equipment he can afford, more CD’s than HMV, plays bass guitar.  And me, I test peoples ears and prescribe them hearing aids when they need them and can accept that that […]

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Last day of January, I’ve done a month! Yay for me! But it’s so not easy with life being as it is.  Tonight I got home late and resorted to taking a picture of my supper.   This has to be my all time fave! A portion of cooked spaghetti, a portion of cold cooked […]

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Had a happy couple of hours today taking waterdrop pics for the first time. I didn’t think I could do it as I don’t have an offside flashgun, which is what all the tutorials I’ve seen tell you you need. But got my copy of digital photo this week and it shows how to do […]

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Well life and work got in the way of me writing my blog, but I’ve continued to take pictures for my 365, and have a little time to update the blog at last! So here they all are. Seemed a bit daft to do a separate post for each shot. 24~365 I had to visit […]

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my son Ben is staying with me this week, and coming to work with me, carrying my heavy bags, and making my life a little bit easier. And Phil is on nights so there we are on computers doing our thing, and I’m a happy Mummy this week. Will miss him when he goes back […]

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new boys on the block. Two of these turned up at 8.30 this morning. This is only one of them though. Unfortunatley Monster pidgeon was hogging the trough so I don’t think they got any food from my feeder. Was at work today so maybe they came back. Don’t know what they are, tried he […]

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Still rocking the induction hob. I was frantic for SOMETHING to photograph for my 365. The weather  has been abysmal and I have my son up from ‘doon sooth’ so 365 is not my top priority, Phil is on nights so it’s lovely to have my boy visiting. We went shopping today but came home […]

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robNzagN, a photo by fragglerocks on Flickr. so here’s one of those comparison things 🙂 One of these was taken with a nikon D7000 with a 70-300mmnikkor lens, ISO 2000, f5.6 1/50s at 300mm. The other on a Fuji finepix HS 20 EXR on the EXR auto setting giving f5.6 1/20s ISO 1600. at 126mm. […]

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