Day 65~366

We’ve got our grandson Cal staying for a sleepover, always a good excuse to have burger and fries. The bun is just about square, and the cheese definitely was until it melted 🙂 and I did shape the burger into a square, but it rounded itself out along the way  still, the mosaic tab;e it’s […]

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Day 64~366

Time for Phil to have his birthday evening, night shift finishes, and present opened and poured, over square ice cubes of course 🙂

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Day 63~366

Day off today, and Phil in bed sleeping, he had a stressful night at work. It was cold today, though we had a bit of sunshine. Me and Skye, we sat in the conservatory, were quiet as mouses and I read my book, did some work bits and made a square lunch. 🙂  

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Day 62~366

Phil’s birthday today, though he’s on nights as I mentioned. I got an early finish and went shopping for his favourite things, chocolate cake, posh whisky, and Lindt chocolates. Not the same as in my daily shot as he isn’t so keen on t he dark stuff, but I am 🙂 You may think they […]

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day 61~366

Another late finish tonight, but at least tomorrow is looking like an early one, so I can make Phil a Birthday cake for before he goes to work!  February B&W is over 😦 and I made a mosaic of the shots I really enjoyed it, learned a lot about B&W processing, and I think my […]

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Day 60~366

Fed-up from Gateshead. We are both fed~up. Phil’s on nights so she’s miffed, and I didn’t get home from work til 9pm, had a snack and then worked til 10pm. I absolutely hate days that are so full of work there is no LIFE! 3 hr drive home from my last client in the dark […]

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Day 59~366

Phil and I went for a little stroll down on the coast by Souter lighthouse, sun was shining but low in the sky as it was late afternoon, and I got a few shots. The two little shadows on the rock coming  up are us 🙂 This one is my shot for today someone left […]

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Day 58~366

Another cloudy cold day, so some slice of life shots around the house and garden. Over the past few years footballs have appeared in our back garden, no-one has ever knocked on the door and asked for their ball back, so there they stay, and the grandkids kick them about in summer. I have some […]

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Day 57~366

Didn’t fancy going out today, so photo’s of Skye for today. Firstly I have a new bird-food bag that it was necessary for her to explore and secondly trying to be arty farty and this is the daily.

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