Fave blogs

These guys rock my world press.

Assholes Watching Movies     The indomitable Jay,Sean & Matt live in Ottawa, Canada & visit film festivals, watch movies and tell you all about them with humour and candour.

Killing Time With A Camera  Great photography by Stevie Gill from GB

Tony Single  in Australia, writer,artist,cartoonist & photographer, a man of many talents. His Cartoon blog is called Crumble Cult, sometimes funny, sometimes dark, always thought provoking.

Hard to come by Lifestyle  Kenneth and his wife live in woodlands near the coast north of Vancouver. They have bears and deer visit their homestead and Kenneth takes great photo’s of his life out in the ‘the sticks’.

Qhapaq I seem to have known Francis forever. A great photographer from South America who illustrates his thoughts with beautiful imagery.

Geotopoi exquisite images from Graham who is a master of showing us the details, and I believe he lives in Wales, but gets all over with his camera.

In Flow Otto Von Munchow is a photo journalist and travels all over the world. He teaches and does workshops in Spain & Cuba (which I’d kill to go to!) and his blog is really informative and thought provoking, with excellent imagery.

Enmanscamera Blog John is a working photographer for over 30 years, and writes about photography along with showing us his and his wife Linda’s wonderful shots in British Columbia.

Mary Smyth Mary hails from Ontario, Canada, and takes wistfully elegant film shots the like of which I’d love to be able to do myself!

KM Salvatore From Rochester NY, my good buddy Mrs.O is an artistic photographer with a unique style.

Bored In a Record Shop Tony, a cartoonist in Dunedin, New Zealand runs Two Tone vintage record shop and draws incredibly surreal and very funny cartoons. And is a bit bonkers.

The Mermaids Purse and The Monster in the Next room Clare is an amazing artist living in South East Ireland, The Mermaids Purse is where she shows  us her wonderful paintings, and The Monster blog is where she rants, writes and gives us funny cartoons and puns.

Lola bees  inspirational, intelligent and a great blogger, Laura’s take on life is a tonic to read.