Day 47~ 366

Had to work in Cumbria again today, 7 hours driving in total, so a tiring day. I didn’t have time really to stop and do good photo’s but I pulled off on the A66 to get a shot of the bit of sunlight that was shining on the snowy mountain. That was it as far as sunshine went! Loved the sky today though, interesting clouds for most of the day.

The Sunday Fraggle report (on Monday)

Well last week was a busy one at work, I did an extra day, and was home late most days, but that’s how it goes sometimes. The weather has been weird, for a whole week most of the country was covered in fog. On Wednesday I had to drive up a steep hill in Northumberland, and at the top came out of the fog to find a beautiful sunny day, and in the first picture you can see Chesters Roman Fort in the distance. But as I crested the hill, the fog took me back into it’s folds. Last Sunday…

The Sunday Fraggle report

Well I missed last Sunday as I only had 4 pictures, and as a result have now got too many, so lots to look at this week 🙂 The weather has not been kind, but I have had some long journeys to see clients, so have come across some quite lovely views, and my little Nikon S1 has been doing a cracking job. Last week I went to North Yorkshire again, and the sun was arguing with the clouds to see who would win out. On my way back I went through a village called Ravensworth and came across this…

The Sunday Fraggle Report 25/1

Another week of cold temperatures but at last I got to see some snow! Had to go to North Yorkshire to visit a client and the hills were covered, managed to get a shot with a bit of sunshine lighting the landscape, that didn’t last long. But the rest of my work days didn’t have much in the way of snow or views. On Thursday Phil & I decided to go to Piero’s for our dinner and we had tomato & basil soup and then pasta, really yummy but filled us up too much! We stayed home mostly this weekend,…

The Sunday Fraggle Report 18/1

It is so wintery here now, we’re trapped in a cold air bowl apparently because the damned jet stream has shot down the west side of us and then up the east and away, so goodbye to mild temperatures for a week or so. It has been snowing a lot too, but it hasn’t settled where we live, (no snowy pictures 😦 ) though other parts of the country have got a good layering of the white stuff. I haven’t taken many pictures as I haven’t had time while working, it’s been non stop between one client to the next….


So tomorrow is THE BIG DAY. I will no longer be ‘an independant’ but a partner in a limited partnership with some other former independent colleagues and our management company. Contract signing day tomorrow, and tonight a get together with colleagues to discuss all the implications and issues of the contract. So am back in Southport at the Royal Clifton Hotel, after a journey from east to west over snowy hill and dale. So today’s photos are with the Hipstamatic and taken along the way.


  So, no subject,~ leading lines leading nowhere, ~I just about managed the rules of 1/3 for the  horizon.  But this is how my day at work panned out photographically speaking, miles and miles around County Durham, ever changing skies, snow blizzards one minute, blue skies and sunshine the next, and sometimes both simultaneously.  I was really pushed for time, so I only took this one shot, and prayed for decent focus and comp. Hand on heart -the horizon was wonky and I had to straighten it and I used color fx pro to bring out the detail in the…