Still here..

A little time to myself for a change, and have been checking out blogs and saying hi to a few peeps. Still working hard and long hours,writing articles for Age UK hearing news, trying to keep up with CPD (and failing!).   But at least, and at last, we have had some nice weather, and I took a Sunday off to cook a Bar B Q, or ODE as we say here, (outdoor dining experience).   One nice t hing is that I finally went full frame (yay!) and got myself a good deal on a second hand not much used D700, it’s lush! If only I had some time to get out and about with it! STill.. another good reason to have an ODE 🙂

liv6_edited-1      Livvy,

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Cal & Phil                                                                                                                               Annette & Brian

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and Paul. 🙂

Quality not quantity

I started my ‘picture a day for 365 days’ 114 days ago, not realising at the time how my working life would change so drastically. I’m working 6 days a week now, and a fair amount of home time is taken up with processing the work, or doing related study etc etc.  Bit by bit my 365 has degenerated into bulk uploads and camera phone shots late at night in desperation to keep it going,  but that’s not the way I wanted to do the 365 and I’m not enjoying it, so have decided to call a halt. Of course I’ll still take pictures when opportunity arises, but quality, not quantity feels more important and relevant right now.

Some from last week.








I spend a lot of time in my car, do on average 130 miles a day around the North East, in my battered old Rav 4.  It doesn’t look much but it is AWESOME! When Phil was snowed in a couple of years ago and couldn’t get his hairdresser car out of the estate ( 🙂 ) I took him to work and back every day, over the snow and ice, up the kerbs and around the stranded BMW’s.  We’ve not had many mechanical problems, and it passed it’s 10 year MOT without any work needed, as it had it’s previous 7.  Today it surpassed itself. I went to work seeing clients down in the Middlesborough area again ( past Boob Hill again 🙂 ) and when I got to Guisborough the petrol light came on. No worries, next garage I thought. Checked my purse was in my bag, and it fell open to show a glaring space where my debit card should have been. Bugger, I though, I left it at home when I was doing internet banking yesterday. No worries, I’ll use the change in my purse, a sum total of…. 98 pence! argh!!! The short version of this story is, it got me 47 miles to right outside my house on the warning light, then to the petrol station when I picked up my card.


So this is my homage to my 2003, 3 door Toyota Rav4, HDR’d to give it some bling in Nik FX HDR PRO, ❤ my Rav XX





Scarecrow~hawk~kite & Boob Hill.

This is one of my ‘oh quick! grab the camera run out of the car take a shot shots.Was working down in the Middlesborough area and lucky enough to go past Boob HIll and see it quite close up.  Of course it isn’t really called Boob Hill, but I don’t know it’s real title. As I was driving toward it I kept seeing the sun break through and  then subside, so I had to wait a few moments to catch a break. What first caught my eye though was the new fangled scarecrow that seems to be coming into fashion… a plastic hawk on a string tied to a pole. I guess the little birds think it’s a sparrow hawk or something and stay away from the new seeds.  Not sure if real birds are THAT silly, after all they sure didn’t think straw man-shaped scarecrows were real! 🙂

87 I think.

Hah! Have just discovered coloured text! Ok that’s enough, far too frivolous 🙂  Today has been a kinda sorty out day. Sorted out a client, sorted out my car


cleaned out my fridge and then went to work on my abominably messy and disorganised office.  It will not do. I’m in serious business land now and organisation is the key to speed and efficiency. Sigh.


tomorrow is sorting paperwork out day, then Monday CAMERA DAY yayyyy! Deferred gratification, a skill I have learned from my hubby!


My internet is playing up. Can’t upload my photo. Sigh. That is all.


Haha back on. Was so busy last night with emails and stuff and it was really time consuming and frustrating with intermittent Internet access, so I took a quick shot of my beleaguered keyboard. Think I need to clean it!

81~ saturday night


been a long hard week for my hubby, been a thoughtful one for me. Am always surprised and amazed at how small human beings heads are considering how many millions of things it has to think about simultaneously.

Whisky pour homme, wine pour moi!

75/365 nemesis



This has been my enemy for the past week. Actually for the past year.  I am going to rant now, look away if you’re a BT employee.  Last year, a very nice scottish gentleman rang us up and promised us the earth with internet speed and goodness, if we would swap to BT. At the time we were with Virgin, and whilst it wasn’t maybe brilliant, we got on the net, did what we needed to and bob’s your uncle.  But, ooh we thought, lightning fast speed and for less money. Sucked in and spat out were we. Ever since we changed over we have had intermittent speediness and slowness, mostly slowness. We have phoned, a good few times, and a nice Indian gentleman, in fact several very nice polite Indian gentlemen, have pushed some buttons in Calcutta, and we have gained a little oomph to our connection. For a period of 3 months we really have not had any problems. Then last week we had an electricity outage. And when we were back on, our internet had slowed down to bugger all unless you sat right by the router. I have put up with that for the week, stressing to get my work uploaded and emails sent, and it’s taken forever. I’ve resorted to uploading from my ipad when sitting by the router. Which always is very speedy if you sit on top of it. Like it’s saying ’nuffingk wrong with me missis, see???’  Until I go to the computer room and then ‘sorry you are not connected to the internet’ even though it says you have a fab signal. It lies and cheats this router.

They’re sending me a new one…. to be continued 🙂

65/365 ~ black beauty



Maybe not as visually engaging as my previous vintage camera’s, nor as old, but this black beauty holds a special place in my heart. She was my first ‘big girl’ camera, way back, when I didn’t have wrinkles and love handles, and the one I had got damaged beyond repair by orange juice during a trip to London with my ex boyfriend.  Several years later and I married that guy, and now I have my first love too 🙂 Gotta love ebay. AM scared to use it, as I haven’t had time to buy a battery for it, so am not yet sure if it’s fully functioning, but I love looking at it and remembering the days out to London…..