Sunday again

It comes round so quick! Another busy week, is there any other kind?  As usual I didn’t get a photo on Monday, must have a mental block but on Tuesday I went to see  client who lives in Finchale Abbey Village, which is like wooden lodges set in the Abbey Grounds. It was a beautiful day and I had to take a picture of the Abbey as I left. There’s a river behind the Abbey so am going to have to do a proper shoot down there at some stage. Wednesday was my first time (and last!) in my new…


took this on Friday night just as I’d finished my work, the business has taken over my life now, and I’m struggling to keep up with a 365. Don’t really want to be doing phone shots at the last minute, as it isn’t helpful to my photography at all! Never mind. Will have to try harder to find decent  day shots when I’m out and about. But its not easy when you’re on a tight schedule.

87 I think.

Hah! Have just discovered coloured text! Ok that’s enough, far too frivolous 🙂  Today has been a kinda sorty out day. Sorted out a client, sorted out my car cleaned out my fridge and then went to work on my abominably messy and disorganised office.  It will not do. I’m in serious business land now and organisation is the key to speed and efficiency. Sigh. tomorrow is sorting paperwork out day, then Monday CAMERA DAY yayyyy! Deferred gratification, a skill I have learned from my hubby!


Today was a bit of driving here there and everywhere, saw a few clients and ended up in Blyth.  Somehow, whilst the rest of England seems to be snowed under, the North East has escaped. But it has been icy cold with a biting wind, with grey miserable looking skies that don’t inspire photography, haven’t even bothered to pack the Nikon into the car lately.  However in Blyth I spotted this wind turbine poking up in what seemed like the middle of a built up area, and took a shot with my phone. not very impressive so I tarted it…