Day 30~366 and Skye

It’s been mad bonkers blowy weather here, and yesterday the clouds didn’t have chance to hang around so we had some sunshine in the conservatory and Skye sat in their posing prettily, so I had to take a few shots of her of course. She’s not usually good at having her photo taken but I got away with it 🙂 Also here is my picture for today, last one of the still life month tomorrow!  The people in the photo frames are Aunty jean on the left, my Mum at the back,my son Ben on the right, and me and…

Day 24~366 & Liddy

We had our little Liddy for a sleepover last night, first time with her. It didn’t go quite to plan, and we didn’t get much sleep, but we all survived and I got some smiley faces from her to photograph this morning 🙂 She is the spitting image of her brother Cal, who regular readers have seen on this blog many times. First though, my 24th still life shot..   and the beautiful Liddy..

The Easter Fraggle report

It has been very nice to have a long weekend, and really nice to have the last 2 days with sunshine and blue skies.  I haven’t done a lot of photography, but on Thursday I had my lunch parked up in a country lane in Hexam, and had a little company. We haven’t really done much this weekend, Easter weekend is bonkers with traffic on the roads, and we like being at home anyway 🙂 but we did go and visit Shelley & Cal for a cup of tea on Saturday, and managed a trip to ASDA today 🙂 My…

Another Park, Another Sunday

Didn’t take any shots much during the week, and what I did take is on the yawn side of boring, so lets skip right to the good stuff. I worked Monday – Thursday and so on to Friday and my day off. 🙂  I went into South Shields town as they have a junk market on to see if I could find anything photogenic and cheap. I bought a little wooden inlaid box for £2.50 and 3 glassware candleholders for £1. The best bit was it was full of mature couples looking for things they can take to an Antiques…

Week + 1

Am a day late for the weekly, blog, no doubt I saw sorely missed :). A lot to get through this week as it’s been particularly full. Am going to blast through Monday,Tuesday & Wednesday as they were just work days and therefore no fun. But I kept to my daily photo regimen so they must appear. Monday I worked north of the River and had to come home in the crappy traffic in rush hour, so took a shot of the Tyne Bridge while I was stationary. Well almost stationary :). Tuesday was a day mostly working in Sunderland,…

It’s been a while..

since I attended to the blog, been a busy girl, lots of work, but still taking the odd photograph now and then.   a bit of potatoshoppery for the Ipernity Sunday challenge group, went down well, thanks to Hubby for his brilliant modelling skills.   It was our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday and I got beautiful red roses from my lovely man. and another for the challenge group.

The Christmas Snood

Ah my poor long suffering hubby Phil is always my target when I’m in need of doing some portrait photography.  This year someone at his workplace gave him a Reindeer Snood for a Christmas present.  He is such a good sport to model it for me as I wanted to practice with my new camera, a vintage Polaroid land camera.  Unfortunatley I hadn’t got the hang of the exposure setting so the picture I took with it was blown out, as you can see :). I’m not giving up though and my polaroid successes will be added to my Adventures…


Since work life made a 365 practically impossible, I’ve only been doing drive-by shootings in the Lake District, and have had an occasional outing with Sophie to take some shots, so have not been pushing myself really. I figured I need a kick up the proverbial to do something different now and then photographically speaking, so I joined The Sunday Challenge group on the Ipernity photo site. For anyone who uses Flickr, Ipernity is a lot like Flickr used to be before Yahoo cocked it up. Anyway, I digress, this last weeks challenge was to shoot something that represented ‘girly’….


Every Halloween I get a pumpkin hung up outside the door, a bag of sweeties inside by the door, and don my witches hat to answer it when the kids come round trick or treating. My ‘price’ for the sweets is they have to have their photo’s taken, and I love seeing all the costumes nd smiley faces. I was a bit late home from work this year to get many, but here are the ones I got, plus my pumpkin 🙂