Newcastle International Fair ~part 2

Part 1 HERE After drooling over all the food, Sophie and I went to peruse the other stalls, Money banks Book covers Steam punk sculpts. Russian dolls Metal work Cutlery Jewellery Parrot Amber Good Luck trees Totem Poles Whilst we were looking round a band started up, they were really good, And we came across some interesting ladies who let me take their picture That’s it for today but this Report isn’t finished yet, stay tuned 🙂

Days 192 & 193

It was so late, gone 11pm when I got yesterdays shot, as it didn’t get dark until then! So didn’t have time to process it or get it posted, so I’m piggy~backing it on to todays post. But first! It must be all of 2 days since the cat got in the picture, so a couple of Skye being cute. Phil and I have our ‘play’ rooms upstairs, and he does his modelling in one, and I do my photo processing in the other. But Skye gets bored being on her own and wants to play, so sits at the…

Day 167~366

I’ve been finding this reflection month not very inspirational 😦 I miss the tree! 🙂 Everyone and his dog has done eyes, puddles, ponds & mountains in lakes, hell, even I’ve done all those before! Even the induction hob has been employed several times in the past. So I’ve been feeling quite blurkpft about the whole thing.  (Blurkpft is a word, those of you have felt it, will recognise it).  So tonight I thought to myself, stop dripping around half arsedly looking for shiny things to put on stuff, and do something different. So I got Phil to get my…

Day 115~366

Busy day today, had a visit from Cal & Liddy 🙂 and had to go to the supermarket where I bought some measuring spoons. and my shot for today now got to get sorted ready for work tomorrow~ this weeks is not looking good, lots and lots of long journeys, which I’m heartily fed up of. Never mind, got to suck it up. For now. 🙂  

Day 73~366

I has a little helper to do my shot with today, as Shelley came for a visit with Cal & Liddy. It was lovely and sunny so we sat in my studio (which is really our conservatory) and I took some shots of Liddy as well as inveigling Cal into doing my shot with me. That’s the daily shot and bless him Cal doesn’t even like chewy sweets so no reward, but we played lego instead. I took some shots of Liddy too so am including a couple of my favourites. That’s all folks 😉 ❤