365 ~ 19th ~ 25th December 🎄

This week has been a colour week, and they chose indigo for some godforsaken reason. Indigo is a vague colour, not really blue, not really purple, or it’s both, if you look it up on google it’s quite mind-boggling. Also it’s the run up to Christmas, so we’ve got a whole heap of clichés to contend with too! Nevermind, onwards to the end dear reader.

Abbreviations you may come across during this post. AFAC~ airy fairy abstract concept. AAFP ~ annoying as F-bomb prompt. CBBP ~ completely bloody barking prompt. HDBS ~ hippy dippy bull****. AWP! ~ Absolutely wonderful prompt!

Also- there may be swearing.

Day 353 ~ Decorations. ~ We had a bit of a debate in my house about what color Indigo actually is. I just wanted to use that little gnome for today’s idea but I was told that his hat just isn’t the right color. I always thought of Indigo as more of a purple hue, but I was outnumbered a bit when I asked my family.  Indigo is one of the colors of the rainbow – it’s right between blue and violet. To my mind, that gives us permission to sway between those two colors a bit this week – maybe you’ll find something with more of a blue hue, or maybe it will be a bit more of a violet hue. Either way, counting down to Christmas this week sharing special decorations is sure to put us all in happy holiday moods!  

See what I mean about vague? Anyways, finding a decoration wasn’t too onerous as I have some bluey purply tree baubles and tinsel.


Day 354 ~ Prompt Free. ~ Prompt Free days often bring to mind the saying, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”  Some days, we feel restricted by the prompt, but on other days, no specific prompt makes us feel lost by having no point of departure. Think about these prompt free days as a check-in as to how this project is changing you. What do you notice that you would have overlooked previously? What small moments in you day now feel bigger and call to be documented? Today is a blank canvas for which all of the other prompts have prepared you. Keep your eyes open and have fun!

Long day at work today, lots of people realising they’re not going to hear the Christmas Movie or conversations with the family so making last minute appointments to get their ears cleared. As I’m coming home every night in the dark I’m noticing my next-door-to-the-right neighbours have got their tree lights on, so I set up my tripod in the bushes on our side of the fence and took a picture of it. I think it’s indigoish.

Prompt~free. Indigo.

Day 355 ~ curly. Today’s prompt of “curly” immediately brought curling ribbon to my mind. You may think that indigo is a strange color to focus on during the Christmas Season, but more and more non traditional colors are being used at Christmas. Adding non-traditional colors to your gift wrapping can give your packages a modern flair! If you don’t have indigo ribbon, look for the color in other curly items. The curling of tree branches or other decorations.

Urk. AAFP as I don’t have any curly indigo bits of anything. I do have blue Christmas ribbon though, and with a tweak in Potatoshop indigoed it quite well I think.


Day 356 ~ Believe. ~ As we approach the end of this year, think about what has gotten you through these crazy times.  The mind is a powerful tool.  Believing that there is good out there and looking for that positive energy may be what has saved our sanity in 2021. What have you believed in this year that has helped you navigate the past twelve months?  Share it with us in your photo today.

Well dear reader can you guess how many abbreviations I’m giving this? AFAC, AAFP, HDBS just about covers it I think. Firstly, though, ‘gotten’. It’s horrible. I’m sorry American and Canadian peeps, it just sounds horrid. It’s the past participle of ‘get’, which for us in the Motherland is got, although I think in this case ‘helped’ would have been the more pleasant choice. Nevermind, it is what it is. Believe. In indigo. Pfft. There is NOTHING, nada, niente, rien, in indigo, that I have believed in this year. Actually there’s nothing in any colour, I don’t go around believing in colours, I just get on with life, whatever it brings. And so, I believe I shot the cat.

believe. 🙄

Day 357 ~ ornament. ~ The colour indigo is definitely in my favourite colour spectrum. I make Christmas cakes and sometimes I even get time to ice them. I put ornaments on top to dress the cake.  Adding the string of lights to the background helped me tie in the blue ribbon that is around the cake.  Do you have an ornament that is indigo?  If not don’t worry just show us your favourite ornament. 

Actually I do have an indigo ornament, how serendipitous! I have a little candle holder with a lid that has cut out dolphins and waves in it so it makes patterns on the wall when you stick a tea light in it.


Day 358 ~ valuable. ~ Together time is valuable and in nature it is even more so.  We like to hike and do so in every season no matter what the weather.  Winter hiking brings on a whole new light!  The light was low in this photo bringing on a bit of a blue hour purplish/blue, or indigo hue.  Get outside today and find some of that blue hour light.  You may have to jazz it up a bit in editing to get that purplish blues the colour prompt calls for. No indigo light?  Is there a piece of jewelry, clothing, decoration or valuable procession you can photograph instead?

Haha Mrs Cocktail~Dress, you crack me up every time! CBBP! If you think I’m going out there in the pouring rain you are sadly mistaken. And also we didn’t have a blue hour, we had a grey hour, preceded by several grey hours, and culminating in a black hour, to be followed by several more black hours. But at least there’s a let-out with the ‘valuable procession’ bit. I am of course assuming she meant posession, but who knows? My Mum was an Avon lady for many years, and in 1996 she purchased a musical advent Christmas tree which came with 24 baubles in numbered drawers and a set of twinkle lights. It turns and plays ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ when you wind up it’s key. Avon used to do a different tree every year I think. When she died and I cleared the house, I took the tree home with me, and it gets put up every Christmas on the window sill, and some years stays there all year round. It gets slowly tattier as time goes on, and some of the bauble’s golden hangy-up strings have broken, as well as the lights gone missing, but I mend or replace the strings and have got some more twinkle lights for it. So I don’t think of it as being valuable so much as being priceless. I googled it to see if any were out there for sale thinking it would make you laugh when I found some on ebay for a fiver in mint condition, but was surprised to find only one, in America, labelled, ‘Rare vintage Avon Christmas Tree, $134.’ Valuable and priceless then. 😊 And it has a few indigo decorations! Winning at indigo!


Day 359 ~ Christmas Day. ~ From the team at 365 Picture Today  Wishing you peace, joy and happiness – now and always! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Aw, that’s lovely. Christmas Day has been a busy one, I’ve been shopping, cooking, cleaning and cat herding. Not much time for photography so I cranked my polaroid up and took a few shots along the way. I’ll be surprised if you can make much out but from top left to right- 1) my tree, 2) my present from Phil, New Bride and Groom Skulls! Love it! 3) My present to Phil, a double volume book, The Lyrics by Paul McCartney. Bottom left to right, new vinyl I got for Phil by Thunder, Christmas dinner (it was total lushness in spite of what it looks like!) and James Bond movies, as tonight we start a series of Daniel Craig Bond movies before we watch the final one next weekend. No indigo I’m afraid and it’s a sh1t shot, but who cares? It’s Christmas!

Christmas Day

And that’s the last of the colour weeks. Next week is the very last week of all, yippee Ki-yay! We’re supposed to be doing ‘leading lines’ but I can forsee a few off-prompt days!

Merry Christmas dear reader, hope Santa was good to you. 🎄🤶

Day 142~366

Today has been a bit ‘the day after the night before’, as we had our good friends Paul & Lorraine over for dinner.  Lorraine made the most scrummy pate for starter and I made a lasagne for main. Drinks were drunk, music was played, polaroids were taken and final lights out was about 3am. A resounding success 🙂

Some photo’s before I do the tree shot. 🙂

Paul grooving
Paul grooving

Loz taking pictures
Loz taking pictures

The London's,Skye & Phil
The London’s,Skye & Phil


Today I’ve been out to fix someone’s hearing aid, and then went to see the tree. A bit of a boring sky though 😦

The tree today
The tree today

The daily shot
The daily shot

Day 19~366

My 2nd favourite camera is my SX70, which I’ve been neglecting so much since starting the 366, intending to shoot a few film packs when the weather perks up.


The Fraggle Report ~ Flora & Fauna

Apart from my weekend outings to fascinating places, I’ve still been going to work and taking pictures when I get chance, the cats still strike a good pose now and then, and hubby still buys me flowers to photograph as a surprise.

So here are a few non-historic bits and bobs before I move on to the day trip to the Farne Islands.

The cats are thriving, sort of, when they’re not puking up, which is a common occurrence. They drive us mad mostly, we are not used to such needy beings! Cats are supposed to be self sufficient more or less, eat their grub, chase a bird in the garden then sleep for 10 hours.  Skye is just bonkers at wanting to play, wanting tickles, wanting to sit on Phil’s knee when ever he sits down, she goes out the front window, comes in the side cat flap, goes out the back window comes in through the conservatory door, but she is SO cute.

Sky hiding under the bed
Sky hiding under the bed (iphone 6)

skye under the table

Skye eating grass to chuck up
Skye eating grass to chuck up (Fuji XT1)

Skye worn out at last
Skye worn out at last (Iphone6)

Storm is not so needy and also doesn’t bother going out. That’s because the food bowl is inside, and the cuddles at reading time. She lives for mealtimes, and starts yowling at you for about an hour before dinner time & has to have a snack to keep her from driving us insane. If I’m at the table reading she’ll jump up and plonk herself in the curve of my arm or sit on the newspaper so I can’t read, so I now read on a stood up iPad so she can have her tickles and I can read my book!

reading time
reading time (Iphone6)


soaking up the rays
soaking up the rays (fuji XT1)

cool cat
cool cat (Iphone6)

So they are keeping us busy/exasperated/entertained. 🙂

My lovely hubby bought me some beautiful flowers, which were photographed extensively for my SX70 project, the best one of them in the batch

Flowers rounded
Flowers (polaroid SX70)

But I also used them to test out my new 50-230 lens, the flowers are in my conservatory and I was in the dining room!

flowers zoomed
flowers zoomed (fuji XT1)

Phil decided to mow the lawn at the weekend, but I wanted to photograph a daisy patch that has appeared on it, and he mowed round them so I could photograph them in the evening light (best hubby ever!)

daisy patch
daisy patch (fuji XT1)

we also had our 1st BBQ of the year

BBQ at last!
BBQ at last! (polaroid SX70)

and talking of food, Phil cooked breakfast and find a double yolk, that’s lucky!

three's up!
three’s up! (iphone6)

and I cooked Sunday lunch.

Roast Lamb with rosemary, garlic & thyme :)
Roast Lamb with rosemary, garlic & thyme :)(Iphone6)

Last week I took some shots of a poppy field near Hexam, and made a panorama

Poppy!! (Nikon S1)

Poppy Pano
Poppy Pano(Nikon S1)

That one’s better clicked on. I did the pano in PS, even though LR can now do them, I think I prefer the PS way, not quite as quick, but more options.

Finally summer kind of arrived, and my Happy Eater tree has had quite a few new visitors which has been exciting, lots of youngsters I haven’t seen before.

Mr.Blackbird feeding his teenager!
Mr.Blackbird feeding his teenager!

Was surprised that Daddy Blackbird is still feeding his chicks, especially as  they are both bigger than him now!

Juvenile Bullfinch
Juvenile Bullfinch

I am pretty sure this is a juvenile bullfinch, I had to look on the RSPB bird identifier and it’s the only similar one. It’s about 4 years since I saw an adult bullfinch on my tree, he came for 3 days and never returned, so it is exciting if this is indeed one. Fingers xt.


This was a wow to see 2 of them at the feeder, I do get them now and again, they usually go for the niger seed I have especially for them, but these two are happy with common or garden (what a daft phrase) birdseed.

Another wow was to see a young one 🙂 🙂

Juvenile goldfinch
Juvenile goldfinch

another first! Crap, I’m turning into a twitcher!!! I don’t know why it’s exciting to watch birds on the Happy Eater Tree, I probably need therapy.

SO that’s Fraggles life when not being historical, (or hysterical when it comes to the cats).

Laters Gaters








“And far and wide, in a scarlet tide, The poppy’s bonfire spread”. 

Poems of the Orient–The Poet in the East  ~ Bayard Taylor  

I found a beautiful field of poppies today, and then I found a most beautiful poem that reminded me of my friend Francis. 

Field of poppies
Field of poppies



cats and polaroids

Just a quickie, am practicing a lot for my SX70 Project so here are a couple from my latest batch, the cats of course…

Storm moved just as I pressed the shutter, and the light caught her left eye in a weird way and so this makes me laugh.

Storm looking mad as a cut snake
Storm looking mad as a cut snake

Skye is sulking because we attached a lovely pink and sparkly collar to her as she has started wandering outside and we don’t want anyone to think she is a neglecterino.

Sky (sulking)
Sky (sulking)

Had to catch Storm sunbathing in my bathroom 🙂

International Cat of Mystery
International Cat of Mystery

laters gaters


The Sunday Fraggle Report

No days out or gigs or parties to attend this week, so back to flowers and landscapes and cats!

I have been practicing with my Fuji macro lens on a houseplant one of my lovely clients gave me in the week. I have no idea what it is but noticed it has little stalks which produce drops of water, which I tried to get a shot of, but they are really tiny.

crying plant
crying plant

The flowers and buds have curly bits at one end, and pointy bits at the other.


curly wurly
curly wurly

flowers and point



The leaves are quite special too.

tip top
tip top

So if anyone recognises the plant, let me know!

I also emptied out the Nikon S1 SD card, I still take it with me when I’m out and about for work, and a couple of weeks ago I stopped down in Teeside to get a shot of the yellow rape seed fields. This first shot was taken with the 11mm lens

fields of gold
fields of gold

after I took this I thought it might be worth doing a panorama of the same scene, so turned the S1 sideways and took 5 portrait shots. Merged in the new panorama feature in the latest edition of Lightroom.


It doesn’t look as good at this size, perhaps too much foreground, and the yellow fields don’t stand out so much, so I prefer the 11mm shot.

I’ve also been playing with these..

polaroid cameras
polaroid cameras

and am still loving the new B&W film which develops instantly. Some new shots in the film, and SX70 tabs on the menu, but thought I’d share this one on the main page today.

yoo hoo :)
yoo hoo 🙂

And finally, the cats, they drive us mad already, but they are lovely to photograph 🙂 you can just see Storm’s paw is resting on Skye, they do like to cuddle.

basking in the conservatory
basking in the conservatory

It’s amazing that they have so much fur but love being in sunny positions. Storm is quite difficult to photograph, I think because she is totally dark, I really want to get a good shot of her eyes in that black face, it doesn’t help that she won’t keep still when I’m trying, and always looks away just as I press the shutter! This one isn’t too bad, but I’ll keep trying!

Storm nearly!!

and Skye, much easier to see 😀 😀


So that’s it for this week. Tomorrow and Tuesday I’m working, and then…(drum roll)… 11 days off for holiday! Looking forward to it a lot!

laters gaters



The Easter Fraggle report

It has been very nice to have a long weekend, and really nice to have the last 2 days with sunshine and blue skies.  I haven’t done a lot of photography, but on Thursday I had my lunch parked up in a country lane in Hexam, and had a little company.

Easter Bunnies
Easter Bunnies (nikon S1)

We haven’t really done much this weekend, Easter weekend is bonkers with traffic on the roads, and we like being at home anyway 🙂 but we did go and visit Shelley & Cal for a cup of tea on Saturday, and managed a trip to ASDA today 🙂

My polaroid camera came back from repair and seems to be working OK, although it’s taken a few crap shots before I got the hang of it again, still a bit hit and miss but I think I’m getting there. I’ll add some to the SX70 project up in the menu there if you are interested. But I will post a couple in the main blog as I really like them,

Blossom (sx70}
Blossom (sx70}

Thats my blossom tree in the from garden, which is just coming into flower now.

tomato soup to be
tomato soup to be (SX70)

I’m into making soup at the minute, and today have made a job lot of tomato and basil soup, lush it is too.

Got another shot of our visiting Bluetit

Mr.Bluey (nikon S1)

I took this shot of Phil back in 2014 when he was reading the menu in a chinese restaurant, and as I’m trying to be more B&W at the moment (inspiration from Reinhold and Emanscamera) had a go at this one, I like it quite well.

Looking down (nikon S1)
Looking down (nikon S1)

My big thing this weekend has been cleaning up all my cameras and lenses, as I have decided to part exchange all my Nikon equipment that I’ve amassed over the past 5 years and tread a different path.  I’ve been thinking of it for a while, as I’ve had 2 cameras and several lenses sitting on a shelf doing nothing, and my main camera the D700 along with any lenses is really heavy to carry around all day or take on holiday broad, it hurts my shoulder after a while. I mostly use the S1 when out and about in the car at work, which I will keep, but still need something better for outings etc. No doubt when the new stuff arrives there will be a post about it.

Goodbye dear friends
Goodbye dear friends (nikon S1)

I have to say I’ve had 2nd thoughts and 3rd & 4th, but I have done my research on what I want next and am quite excited about it now. I know, it’s not the camera but the photographer which makes good or bad shots, but this is a matter of weight and shelved lenses being wasted, more than anything.

So now I must get back in to a work frame of mind, and prepare for tomorrow,

laters gaters