Day 208~366

Phil & I went into Newcastle today as he wanted to buy tickets for Bad Company who are coming to the arena in October. Strange to see it in daylight and without herds of people. When we were walking out of the station I noticed some chaps up a height, looks like a scary job… Continue Reading

The Sunday Fraggle report~SeaLife edition

The horrible weather has been very horrible this week, culminating in Storm Desmond on Friday and Saturday. 70mph gusts of wind and rain, not too good for photography.  On Wednesday I had to travel to Scotland, but didn’t get inspired to take many photos. It’s grim oop north Came across a telephone box though, always… Continue Reading

The Fraggle report ~waterfall edition

I’ve been going through my archives again, and have pulled together all the waterfalls I’ve shot, I never had a ND filter so don’t always get the floaty milky effect that seems to be the in thing, but sometimes I’ve managed it with a long exposure in low light. I actually like water looking like… Continue Reading

The Sunday Fraggle report

I haven’t been on any day trips, but have always got cameras of some kind at the ready, so this is just a bits and bobs post. I have been travelling for work though and made use of the iphone. The first is of Skiddaw mountain and Lake Bassenthwaite in Cumbria, if you’ve followed my… Continue Reading

Farne Islands ~ part 2

  Landing on Inner Farne is not fun, lots of vicious arctic terns think you’re here to steal their babies and dive bomb everyone as they get off the boat and peck their heads- advice was to wear a hat, which I did ( and walked fast!) Sophie kindly stood still so I could get… Continue Reading

Farne Islands ~part 1

The Farne Islands are a  group of Islands off the Northumberland coast, scattered about 1 & 1/2 – 4 1/2 miles from the mainland, and Sophie and I went on a day trip with Billy Shiels boats, to Inner Farne. The earliest inhabitants were celtic monks, first recorded in 651, when they became home to St.AIden followed… Continue Reading

The Fraggle Report ~ Flora & Fauna

Apart from my weekend outings to fascinating places, I’ve still been going to work and taking pictures when I get chance, the cats still strike a good pose now and then, and hubby still buys me flowers to photograph as a surprise. So here are a few non-historic bits and bobs before I move on… Continue Reading

The Sunday Fraggle Report

No days out or gigs or parties to attend this week, so back to flowers and landscapes and cats! I have been practicing with my Fuji macro lens on a houseplant one of my lovely clients gave me in the week. I have no idea what it is but noticed it has little stalks which… Continue Reading

The Easter Fraggle report

It has been very nice to have a long weekend, and really nice to have the last 2 days with sunshine and blue skies.  I haven’t done a lot of photography, but on Thursday I had my lunch parked up in a country lane in Hexam, and had a little company. We haven’t really done… Continue Reading

The Hartlepool Report – Part 2

Thought I’d best get on and finish this, so on board the Trincomalee, Britain’s oldest fighting warship. I thought the waxworks/dummies were done really well, I think they must have made latex masks of reall people to put on the dummies, they were very realistic. After we got off the ship, we had a look… Continue Reading