Teeside Nature Reserve~July 2017~part 2

part 1 HERE The nature reserve has, as you’d expect, a fair amount of wild flowers. The reserve is home to 4 different types of marsh orchids, but I only spotted 3 the burnet moths were quite fond of them always there are dandelions and buttercups and pink grassy stuff and finally some poppies the nature reserve is right on the coast, so next time we’ll have a look round there. Stay tooned!

Fraggle Report- Teeside Nature Reserve-July 2017

Sophie and I had an epic trip out a couple of weekends back. Ostensibly we went to see the Nature reserve, and maybe the seals at Seal Sands, which we did, but then did a tour of the huge industrial estate next to the reserve, stopping to take photo’s along the way, until at the end a nice man came out of a guard box and told us we weren’t allowed in there let alone to take photo’s :). He then pointed out that the rules were a bit daft as anyone with google earth could see the whole shebang…

Washington Old Hall~July 2016 ~ Part 2

Part 1 HERE On with the tour of Washington Old Hall. In part 1 we were in the kitchen and dining room and now move on to the panelled room, where there are some beautiful examples of carved oak furniture and a precious collection of delft ware spanning three centuries. and how about this for a recipe book?! In old English the “s” is written as “f” so when you are ftewing your Bullock cheeks, you are in effect, stewing them! On to the first floor where we find No. 5 The Old Hall, a recreation of the home of the Bone…

Fraggle Report~ Birkhead Secret Gardens, May 2016~ Part 1

Birkhead Secret Gardens is a wonderful place to visit if you like unusual flowers and plants, and just as wonderful if macro photography is your thing.  Sophie and I went last year in May and practiced our close up work. I have added textured overlays to my pictures, I like how they help the details of the flowers to stand out. Have no idea what most of the flowers are called, I really should look them all up!  It’s been so grey and colourless here for a week now, so thought these would brighten up a dreary time of year.

Day 356~366

Countdown at 10 now 🙂 Tonight I’ve been trying to shoot my fibre optic lamp, which is not as easy as I thought it would be, first I tried with the macro lens then with the 35mm and then I thought I’d move into the lounge and shoot it with some Christmas tree bokeh behind it, but that didn’t quite go to plan! 🙂 I think  the middle one will be my shot of the day, but the bottom one is my favourite 🙂

Day 315~366

The day ran away with me today somehow, chores in the morning when it was sunny, and then preparing a slow cook dinner, and by the time I’d done it was grey and raining.  Skye has been having an off day, chucking up and not eating, but has perked up this evening. Feels like walking on a knife edge. SO it was dark and I hadn’t done a photo, so I tried something I’d had a go at in the past, but with different lighting and white balance settings. It was fun, but have not perfected it yet, it’s quite…

Day 305~366

‘Hells Bells Frego! What on earth’s going on?’ “I’m off out trick or treating with Mego, Clego and Bego. And I think Skego is coming too. Do you like my costume? ‘Umm well, yes I guess. You do know this is our last day together don’t you?’ “Of course I do, why?” ‘Well I just thought we’d spend our last evening together, you know, just me and you and Skego, have a couple of drinks, watch a spooky movie and have Pizza or something’ “Oh no, I’d much rather be out having fun with my pals, might see you when…