Jarrow Hall, Anglo Saxon village and Bede Museum ~ November 2017 ~ Part 1

The History Bit Known as The Venerable Bede,(AD 673-735,) Bede was an author, scholar, skilled linguist and translator who also composed works on astronomical timekeeping and the motions of the sun, Earth and Moon. He was widely regarded as the ‘father of English history’ as his most famous work, The Ecclesiastical History of the English People is […]

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Day 201~366

The hottest day of the year, 27° and it was pretty but also horrid. I do not live in a country where these temperatures are the norm for any length of time, so I never acclimatise.  I am acclimatised to 16° and lower, maybe 18/19° on a good day, with intermittent rain. I pine for […]

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The Shillington Church Report

During the Scarecrow Festival we came across All Saints Church, which as well as being a beauty, has a really great view. The church stands on a hill of domed chalk, and is built of ironstone (an iron rich sandstone with a mineral giving a greenish colour which darkens to brown on exposure to light).  It […]

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Mount Grace priory ~ part 3

Today we’ll have a look at bits and bobs around the grounds of the priory. The Inner court was occupied on 3 sides by service buildings. This is where they baked bread and brewed beer. The Gatehouse is the oldest building in the Inner Court built in about 1400, the gates though are modern.  It did have […]

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