Day 168~366

I had to go into South Shields today to pay some cheques in to the bank, got the Fuji all ready, and then left it behind on the sofa! I didn’t realise until I got to Shields so wasn’t going all the way back for it, so I made do with the Hipstamatic app on the I-phone.  Won’t do the that again in a hurry!  Firstly though…


It’s 16th June and rainy, grey and NOT summery.  So my trip with Sophie tomorrow to see the puffins again on Farne Island has been cancelled due to high winds. 😦  Sad face. Pouty lips.

SO here are a few window reflections from South Shields, I’m in there somewhere 🙂


I wanted to get the lion outside the library in that one.



That lady was wanting to look at something in the window, doesn’t look happy with me haha. Sorry old lady.


This is the shot of the day, though I think I like the holiday one best, wonder why!

The Sunday Fraggle report~Christmas edition.

Well that’s Christmas over and done with, just New Year to go. It’s been a good week. On Monday I woke up to an amazing sunrise when looked out the window, had to get the camera out quick!


On Tuesday I had a lovely drive up to the Scottish borders, amazing scenery, but a fair bit rainy. On my way home the moon rose and I got a couple of shots with the iPhone.


The road to the moon

Phil has been working hard on his model Tiger tank, and Skye has been his constant companion 🙂





It’s been nice to have some time off with family over Christmas. We had a quiet Christmas day, Phil went to visit the kids while I got to grips with making the Christmas dinner. And took photo’s 🙂



new whiskey glass for Phil from the grandkids..



and we had festive smelly candles


Yesterday was Boxing Day, and we had the kids, grandkids and Phil’s sister Annette with her hubby Brian over for a buffet tea which I made. I like vol-au-vents.


and it was great to see the madding crowd 🙂

Liddy the pink
Liddy the pink

with grandad



Loony Liv


Mad Matty
Mad Matty
Cool Cal
Cool Cal

and all the family



And I’ve been playing with some roses Phil got for me




and I’ve been chasing sunshine around the house



And that’s it for this week. Still got another day off tomorrow yay. Have been thinking about doing a photography project for next year, but haven’t decided which way to go yet, watch this space I guess!

laters gaters

🙂 ❤


The Fraggle report

Not the best of weeks, so am late with my post, Sunday came and went and I couldn’t find the words really. regular readers will know my little cat Storm was diagnosed with renal adenoma back in September and not given long to live. But she carried on unaware of her future and we loved her lots and even hoped they’d got it wrong, she seemed so OK. But  last week she started going downhill, and though we tried convincing ourselves she was just having a  bad couple of days, by Thursday night we knew the time had come. Unfortunately I had promised to visit my son and grandson this weekend, and couldn’t let them down. So I went off down south to see them, and Phil had to take Storm to the vets on his own.  Really that’s all I need say, anyone that has had a beloved pet will have gone through the rest.



It was good to see Ben and spend the day with him. He looked too skinny so I took him out for lunch and dinner 🙂

OriginalPhoto-471554486.627397 (1)

and then we went to pick up Lewis from school and took him to Toys R Us so he could choose christmas presents. That didn’t turn out too easy as the store is so huge, but he loved trying out the cars.



On Saturday I went to visit my friend Helen, and the weather was really bad so we stayed in, apart from food shopping, and then has a yummy dinner.

I got home Sunday and have had a couple of days off. Had to take Phil to hospital today for laser eye surgery for his glaucoma, which was over and done with really quickly, and he’s OK, though he says everything looks a bit darker.

Not much photography done then on the whole, I had a strange sky to drive home to,


and I put up the Christmas tree last weekend and forgot to take a picture of it so here it is 🙂


and am trying to take pictures of the birds in my front garden, but failing to get anything decent, so here’s a not so great one of Mr.Robin. Must improve on that!


So that’s my week and a bit, off to work tomorrow then more days off, fingers xt to do something with my camera!

laters gaters

😉 ❤


The Sunday Fraggle report~SeaLife edition

The horrible weather has been very horrible this week, culminating in Storm Desmond on Friday and Saturday. 70mph gusts of wind and rain, not too good for photography.  On Wednesday I had to travel to Scotland, but didn’t get inspired to take many photos.

It’s grim oop north



Came across a telephone box though, always like to collect shots of these,


This weekend we have had our grandson Cal to stay over while his Mum & Dad had a trip away for Dad’s birthday. We like to take Cal out, so in spite of Storm Desmond, off we went to Sea Life in Tynemouth. It was so windy it was hard to walk, but once inside it was OK. First thing we did was to feed Cal ..


and then went in to see the fish. I gave Cal my Nikon S1 and he and Grandad also took some shots.


The lighting inside is not great, and you can’t use flash, so lots of rubbish shots, but did get a few nice ones,




Found Nemo 

There is a glass tunnel to walk under where the fish swim all around and above..


they also have an ‘amazon’ section with marmosets and a cotton top tamarind

Cotton top by Phil
Cotton top by Phil

We caught feeding time with the otters, it was really dark in the otter house, and neither my fuji or the nikon could cope with the combination of low light and rapidly moving otters, so I used the Nikon with flash and got told off by one of the animal keepers. Bad Fraggle. Don’t think I did any damage to the otters and they didn’t give a poo.


We went to see the sealions which have a huge play park and they shoot around it so fast it was really hard to get a shot.


And you can see them outside too.


but it was too cold and windy for Cal so we went and had another cuppa, and got him some toys for his bath time


and then we took a selfie as we left 🙂


and went back home to get warm!


and thats the end of this week.

Laters gaters

😉 ❤

The Sunday Fraggle report ~ bits & bobs

Another week gone by, 25 days left till Christmas and a bit of time off, but still work to do and photo’s to take.  This week I’ve managed a few so here we go.  Firstly I got in the car Monday morning and spotted a spider web on my wing mirror, had a go at a quick snap with the iPhone and din’t expect to really get it, but it turned out surprisingly well.


On Wednesday although it was cold, there was a sunny day, and as I was travelling a fair way up and down the North East, I set my camera up on my phone so that I could drive and just hit the ‘click’ button when I saw something I liked, so here is a little travelogue of my work day in pictures 🙂

Setting off on the A1 under a zigzag sky
Setting off down the A1 under a zigzag sky
arriving at my destination, the house on the right.
arriving at my destination, the house on the right.
On the way back to the main roads
On the way back to the main roads
arty statue thing in Darlington
arty statue thing in Darlington
on the way back to the A1
on the way back to the A1 Yorkshire hills in the distance
Blue monsters on the A1
Blue monsters on the A1
arriving at clients flat in Hebburn
arriving at clients flat in Hebburn
going through Ashington to visit another client
going through Ashington to visit another client
Journey home down the A19
Journey home down the A19
Through the Tyne Tunnel
Through the Tyne Tunnel
arriving at the shop near where I live to invest in some wine!
arriving at the shop near where I live to invest in some wine!

On Thursday I took a picture of Skye, waiting for Phil to come home from work.


and made a pie 🙂


Friday I took advantage of the Black Friday sales and purchased some new processing programmes, can’t help it, I’m an addict 🙂  Phil meanwhile was trying to do his modelling…


but Skye had other ideas 🙂


that face!

On Saturday Phil was working, and I had my friend Sophie over for the day to do some indoor photography. Mostly we took pics of my cats 🙂

Sophie & Skye
Sophie & Skye



we also messed about with laser lights, crystal balls, prisms and a kaleidoscope..


and took macro’s of flowers I bought.

broken neck
broken neck
processed with colorfx
processed with colorfx
processed with radlab and aurora
processed with radlab and aurora.

Am very happy with my purchases!  Anyway today being Sunday, I’m getting ready for work, but also cooking Sunday lunch, so, off to peel the potatoes,

laters gaters

🙂 ❤





The Sunday Fraggle report ~ bits & bobs edition.

Well it’s slim pickings at the moment with my photography.  I’ve been working extra hours, and it gets dark here at 4.30pm so once I get home from work, sorted home work out, and had dinner, it’s being difficult to feel inspired or motivated. On top of that the weather is pants. But hey- ho I did get a couple to be going on with.

Last weekend we went to the Annual Free convention held in Tynemouth, about 20 mins up the road from us. It’s (obviously) a yearly event where die hard fans of the band Free meet up, have some drinks and see Free tribute bands, as well as special guests from back in the day. This year the tribute band was Freeway, who were really good, and prior to them we had a solo singer, Toby, who Free’s now departed bass player Andy Fraser, discovered and recorded with. Not my cup of tea songs wise, but he was a great guitarist.


after him we were treated to a couple of class musicians, the guitarist Chris Spedding and singer Mr.Snips (real name Steve Parsons) both of whom joined a band called The Sharks, formed by Andy Fraser after Free split up. They were great and told loads of stories from the olden days when they were hot stuff in the music business.

Mr.Snips & Chris Spedding
Mr.Snips & Chris Spedding

I had a little outing to Seaham to visit the 1st WW memorial there. Its a statue called 11-0-1 but nicknamed Tommy.

This imposing metal sculpture, entitled 1101, owing to the fact the armistice went into effect at 11am on November 11, 1918, stands 9ft 5ins tall and weighs 1.2 tonnes.

Built out of special corteen steel, it has been installed on Seaham seafront in Country Durham to mark the centenary of the start of the Great War and was supposed to remain in place for three months. But the townspeople of Seaham wanted to keep it, so they raised the £85,000 it cost to buy it to keep.

Created by local artist Ray Lonsdale, the sculpture is also intended to represent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which many of the returning soldiers endured. Mr Lonsdale got his idea for the piece after hearing a story about a soldier from nearby Murton who won a war medal.

Tommy collage

there is a plaque on the rear

tommy plaque

I visited a client who lives by Woodhorn Church,  St Mary the Virgin.  It was built in the early eleventh century but most of the external features are from a restoration of 1842. The church was made redundant in 1973 and is now Woodhorn Church Museum.


The lady who owned our cats before we got them got in touch with me on Facebook, and sent me some pictures of Storm & Skye when they were kittens

Skye & Storm
Skye & Storm

and I’ve taken some of them this week too 🙂

Batcat (Skye shadow)
Batcat (Skye shadow)
Bag puss 1
Bag puss 1 (Storm)
Bag puss 2 (Skye)
Bag puss 2 (Skye)

Skye has taken to sitting under my work station when I”m on the computer when Phil isn’t here to entertain her.


but she much prefers to be with Phil 🙂

Saturday morning papers reading club.
Saturday morning papers reading club.

As always, I’m back to work tomorrow, a long day ahead. So time to get sorted and ready for action!

laters gaters

🙂 ❤

new post up on the fragglefilm blog BTW 🙂

The Sunday Fraggle report~ bits and bobs

Here we are at the end of October and beginning of November and only 54 days til Christmas :). So as well as my days out and travels, of course there have been incidental bits and bobs to catch along the way.

At the beginning of the month I travelled to the Scottish Border land to see a client in a little seaside village called Eyemouth, and took a few shots with my Eyephone 🙂 It was a lovely blue sky day, with lots of shadows and contrasts.







We had a couple more blue sky days before it all went a bit meh, and I got a couple of the trees around where I live..



and that was the last of the nice days. So of course I then had to resort to taking pictures of the cats.

First a study of Storm sitting in the sunlight coming through the kitchen window,

feed me now!
feed me now!





and Skye in the conservatory



homestuf-3 smart copy copy


and maybe just one more of Storm 🙂

Milky Mouth

Storm absolutely loves cat milk, I’ve never given cats milk before, only water, but this is special milk made for cats and they were brought up with it by the previous owner so we give them a little for a treat now and then.

We had a visit from our grandson..


You may remember from a previous bits and bobs, that Phil’s socks clone themselves in my washing machine,  while I discovered mine halve themselves, not a pair amongst them!


I bought a new Salt & Pepper set when I was on the ferry back from Holland,

homestuf-7 smart copy copy
Salt & Pepper being patriotic

One of the blogs I follow is a cartoonist called Tony, who is currently putting up collector cards of his characters..he’s very funny and you can check his site out HERE


I wanted to show the before and after pictures of our new patio in the back garden, but rain has prevented the builder chaps from completing it as yet, so that will have to be in November’s bits and bobs. It’s looking fab so far.

And yesterday was halloween! I carved a pumpkin, got lots of sweeties in for the trick & treaters, and then took pictures of them all when they came to the door.

First though my lovely hairdresser Kendal came over to do bits to me..


My pumpkin..


looks a bit of a mess with my biro going wrong, but it looked OK in the dark


The ToT’s had some fab costumes, these first 2 are out of focus, but you get the drift, the rest are OK 🙂






and my favourite…

mini mummy
mini mummy

and to finish this set of bits & bobs, the only sunset I managed..


I have such a busy work week coming, working late everyday and working one of my days off too, grit your teeth and crack on sort of a week, so best get everything ready to go..

laters gaters











The Fraggle Report~ Eindhoven part 1

Last weekend we went off to Eindhoven in Holland for a scale model show, which Phil wanted to attend and put some of his models into the competition there. There’s no quick and easy way to get there from Newcastle, so we drove down to Folkestone and stayed overnight in our fave hotel, The Relish.

The Relish
The Relish

our room was on the right in the middle, and our view was..


We had a lovely Chinese meal at our fave restaurant



before setting off early in the morning to catch the ferry from Dover to Calais.

White Cliffs
White Cliffs

I didn’t take any photo’s on the journey through France & Belgium as I was doing the driving. The model show was at NH Koningshof conference centre, which was huge, and set in a lush forest next to a national park, which was a nice surprise for me and my camera!

The Conference centre
The Conference centre
The Car Park
The Car Park
View from our balcony
Looking down from our balcony
looking up from our balcony
looking up from our balcony
an atrium in the centre
an atrium in the centre

They set up a cafeteria for the model show in the stage room..


amazing window..


So a really nice venue in all.  We arrived on the Saturday evening for the show on Sunday, so I’ll post about that next time.