Day 305~366

‘Hells Bells Frego! What on earth’s going on?’ “I’m off out trick or treating with Mego, Clego and Bego. And I think Skego is coming too. Do you like my costume? ‘Umm well, yes I guess. You do know this is our last day together don’t you?’ “Of course I do, why?” ‘Well I just thought we’d spend our last evening together, you know, just me and you and Skego, have a couple of drinks, watch a spooky movie and have Pizza or something’ “Oh no, I’d much rather be out having fun with my pals, might see you when…

Day 304~366

“Whatcha doing Fraggle?” ‘I’m making soul cakes for my photo for the Sunday Challenge group, it’s Halloween tomorrow and that’s the theme.’ “What happens to them after the photo?” ‘I’ll give them to the trick or treaters tomorrow night’ “Can I have one?” ‘If you’re nice to me’ “Forget it!” *sigh* and my shot for the challenge

a little catching up to do

Haven’t been taking many photo’s of late, have been thwarted by the flu, the weather, life in general.  I did manage to sit and have lunch by the sea one afternoon, and took a series of people walking past the gap in the dunes, which amused me as I was sitting in the car at the time, had a Warhol moment 🙂   On one of my client visits I went by Ludworth Tower, I have shot this before but had another go as it may just fall down one day though it was built in 1422, so nearly 600…


Every Halloween I get a pumpkin hung up outside the door, a bag of sweeties inside by the door, and don my witches hat to answer it when the kids come round trick or treating. My ‘price’ for the sweets is they have to have their photo’s taken, and I love seeing all the costumes nd smiley faces. I was a bit late home from work this year to get many, but here are the ones I got, plus my pumpkin 🙂