Day 199~366

A cloudy if humid day for me today, so am back to making my own shadows. Have employed the Rickenbacker, which hasn’t been played for a few months now while Phil has been building his tanks and playing Dr.Frankenstein with his little men.  The tanks are finished now and soon my evenings will be musically embellished with this and many other bass’s. Sunshine predicted for tomorrow and Tuesday, so I will hopefully find some shadows out and about.

The Annual Free Convention 2016

Had a great night out at Tynemouth Park Hotel last night, where the Annual Free convention was  held.  On the 40th anniversary of Paul Kossoff’s death, they had Terry Slesser from Backstreet Crawler as well as a Free & Backstreet Crawler tribute band from Japan, with Hideyuki Hide Kinoshita on guitar. They were excellent. Brill night and fun to be out with our pals Mick & Katie.

The Sunday Fraggle report

Well I missed last Sunday as I only had 4 pictures, and as a result have now got too many, so lots to look at this week 🙂 The weather has not been kind, but I have had some long journeys to see clients, so have come across some quite lovely views, and my little Nikon S1 has been doing a cracking job. Last week I went to North Yorkshire again, and the sun was arguing with the clouds to see who would win out. On my way back I went through a village called Ravensworth and came across this…

Sunday Afternoon

Which it is here at the moment, and quite sunny, but cold now autumn is passing and winter is looming. I’ve had a week off work which is great, but also not so great as it’s the last day and am back to work tomorrow. 😦 I do like not being at work, a lot. The weather has not been so kind though and I have not got out much which is a shame as I’d fancied a few walks with my camera, but I did read a lot, I finished the series of Jack Reacher novels, and am into…


North East Guitar SHow was held this Sunday just gone and as its only 20 mins away from us, and my hubby plays the bass guitar, we went and I took the Nikon. Great to see so many gorgeous guitars, some were works of art, and cool dudes playing them. One of my faves, love the planet insets in Mother of Pearl. Maybe a girly guitar? Thought this guy looked like someone from Mad Men, or Mob City, and he was mad cos the bloke across the way was drowning him out with rock riffs and widdly widdlies. This guy…