Seaham ~ part 3 ~ St.Mary’s

The Church of St.Mary The Virgin, is on the list of the top 20 oldest churches in Britain.  It’s also the only surviving building of the original Saxon Village of Seaham Harbour. (now just Seaham). It was founded by King Æthelstan in 930AD and has 7th C late Anglo Saxon masonry and early Norman masonry […]

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a little catching up to do

Haven’t been taking many photo’s of late, have been thwarted by the flu, the weather, life in general.  I did manage to sit and have lunch by the sea one afternoon, and took a series of people walking past the gap in the dunes, which amused me as I was sitting in the car at […]

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Gothic Exercising.

The theme for my photography challenge this weekend was ‘anything gothic’! I acquired some gothic jewellery dirt cheap on amazon during the week with a view to photographing it fetchingly against some black velvet or whatever plush fabric I could come up with, but by Friday had decided it would be much more ‘gothic’ to […]

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