South Shields Food Fair ~ May 2018

Sophie and I love a good food fair, most of the stalls have free tasters which we take advantage of whenever possible, we buy stuff you can’t really get in Tesco’s and have a cool lunch from one of the stalls.  I love to unleash the camera on some unsuspecting people for a change too. Back in May, we went to the one at Bent’s Park on the seafront and were not disappointed with the wares available.

Say Cheese!!! (The orange & whisky cheese was yummy!)


Interesting chocolate. Forgot to buy some :/


These otter go well with tonic!


The garlic lady. (Bought a peeler/mincer/storage jar from here. 🙂


and the rest!! 🙂


The Tempted


The Temptress


Making friends


Buy Two…


The War on Mundane begins

That’ll do for part 1 I think, don’t want you falling asleep.

Stay tooned for Part 2 coming soon to a screen near you. 🖥


Day 304~366

“Whatcha doing Fraggle?”
‘I’m making soul cakes for my photo for the Sunday Challenge group, it’s Halloween tomorrow and that’s the theme.’
“What happens to them after the photo?”
‘I’ll give them to the trick or treaters tomorrow night’
“Can I have one?”
‘If you’re nice to me’
“Forget it!”


and my shot for the challenge


Day 229~366

The meaning of colour 6~Pink
Pink is a combination of the color red and white, a hue that can be described as a tint. It can range from berry (blue-based) pinks to salmon (orange-based) pinks. Its symbolism is complex and its popularity is subject to so many influences.
Depending on your age and culture, you may remember pink Cadillacs, pink flamingos, Pink Floyd, the Pink Panther, and the pink triangles of the Third Reich (which were used to identify male homosexuals).
In almost every culture, one stereotype emerges: pink is associated with girls, blue with boys. Unfortunately, there is no consensus of opinion on its origin.

The origin of the English term “pink” is as valuable as any discourse on symbolism. Here are some interesting analyses:

In English, the word “pink” could be derived from the Dutch flower pinken dating back to 1681. The flower’s name could have originally been “pink eye” or “small eye.” Another possibility is the verb “to pink” – to prick or cut around the edges, as with pinking shears. The jagged petals of the flower looked as though they had been cut, thus explaining why it became known as the “pink.” (Jean Heifetz, When Blue Meant Yellow, p 110)

In colloquial language, to be “tickled pink” describes a state of joy, a “pink slip” is a notice that you’ve been fired from your job, to be “in the pink” suggest good fortune and health, and a “pinko” is a person who is extremely liberal, a socialist or a communist.



Day 88~366

One of the blogs I follow is called A cookbook a month and is written by 3 ladies who test and review a cookbook a month (makes sense). I follow it because their reviews are funny and I like funny. I’ve never done any of the books or recipes, though I’ve bought a couple of books on their recommendation, but a couple of posts ago one of the ladies, Maureen, tried a carrot cake recipe but reckoned her usual recipe was better, so I asked for that recipe as I like carrot cake (one of the few that I do) and fancied having a go.

Firstly, a thing to note is that I don’t bake, not being into cakes and the like it has never been a thing for me to do, so I’m a cake~bake virgin.  The recipe I followed can be found on cookbook a month HERE.

It took quite a long time to get all the ingredients weighed out and ready.


and I was surprised at just how much stuff you need, a whole cup of sunflower oil was worrying, am sure my mum never used that and she was a baking person, and there was heaps of carrots so I thought it might taste like vegetable cake!  I forgot to get walnuts, and should have had a cup full of chopped ones, but I found some cashew nuts in the cupboard and used them instead 😀 but only had enough for half a cup. I completely forgot the 1/2 teaspoon of ground cloves, but other than that everything went as the recipe said. Mixed it all together as instructed, and voila!


The icing cream didn’t go as planned at all. The recipe called for 900g of icing sugar. 900g!!! Thats a ginormous amount, and the icing sugar I had only came to 450g, so not to worry I thought, I’ll just halve the amounts of the other stuff.  Unfortunately I got distracted by our family arriving, and when I went back to do the icing forgot then to halve anything else, with the result being my icing cream was a bit too sloppy, so I just put it in the middle of the cake to stick the 2 halves together. There was heaps left over, so when our local shop opened at 6pm I went round and bought more icing sugar and thickened the rest up to lay over the top of the cake. 🙂


The cake itself is really lush, didn’t taste vegetably at all, it’s lovely and moist and tastes gorgeous. I definitely will make it again, but reduce the icing sugar bits, I’ve had to freeze the rest of it! 🙂  Anyway that was my homemade square of the day, and now I’m going to eat it 😀


Day 72~366

More tea and cake 🙂 though I have to be honest, the cake is meh. I don’t like marzipan at all, neither does Phil so this is going to be consigned to the bin, which I feel bad about but there’s no-one to give it to.


Day 66~366

Only 300 days to go! 😀

Square cakes today, and a nice cuppa tea to go with. I only like the pink ones, so Phil will have to eat the rest.


Cal stayed over  last night and we had fun. But Skye has been poorly, not eating and chucking up, we are hoping it’s just a glitch, a fur ball or something, she’s a little better today, but if no better tomorrow it’s off to the vet. 😦

Waiting to see the birds.