South Shields Food Fair ~ May 2018

Sophie and I love a good food fair, most of the stalls have free tasters which we take advantage of whenever possible, we buy stuff you can’t really get in Tesco’s and have a cool lunch from one of the stalls.  I love to unleash the camera on some unsuspecting people for a change too. Back in May, we went to the one at Bent’s Park on the seafront and were not disappointed with the wares available.                   That’ll do for part 1 I think, don’t want you falling asleep. Stay tooned…

Day 304~366

“Whatcha doing Fraggle?” ‘I’m making soul cakes for my photo for the Sunday Challenge group, it’s Halloween tomorrow and that’s the theme.’ “What happens to them after the photo?” ‘I’ll give them to the trick or treaters tomorrow night’ “Can I have one?” ‘If you’re nice to me’ “Forget it!” *sigh* and my shot for the challenge

Day 229~366

The meaning of colour 6~Pink Pink is a combination of the color red and white, a hue that can be described as a tint. It can range from berry (blue-based) pinks to salmon (orange-based) pinks. Its symbolism is complex and its popularity is subject to so many influences. Depending on your age and culture, you may remember pink Cadillacs, pink flamingos, Pink Floyd, the Pink Panther, and the pink triangles of the Third Reich (which were used to identify male homosexuals). In almost every culture, one stereotype emerges: pink is associated with girls, blue with boys. Unfortunately, there is no…

Day 88~366

One of the blogs I follow is called A cookbook a month and is written by 3 ladies who test and review a cookbook a month (makes sense). I follow it because their reviews are funny and I like funny. I’ve never done any of the books or recipes, though I’ve bought a couple of books on their recommendation, but a couple of posts ago one of the ladies, Maureen, tried a carrot cake recipe but reckoned her usual recipe was better, so I asked for that recipe as I like carrot cake (one of the few that I do) and…

Day 66~366

Only 300 days to go! 😀 Square cakes today, and a nice cuppa tea to go with. I only like the pink ones, so Phil will have to eat the rest. Cal stayed over  last night and we had fun. But Skye has been poorly, not eating and chucking up, we are hoping it’s just a glitch, a fur ball or something, she’s a little better today, but if no better tomorrow it’s off to the vet. 😦 Waiting to see the birds.