Aydon Castle & a poppyfest ~ June 2018

Part 1 HERE After exploring the interior of the castle we went outside and had a wander too. The back end of the castle is right next to a very steep ditch, but there’s a path to walk around it, Lots of daisies heading down the valley   and flowers growing by the castle walls       and then we walked down to the poppy field, passed some horses who wouldn’t stop stuffing their faces for a photo ūüė¶ The sky started out blue so I got a few shots of the poppies against the sky     there…

Teeside Nature Reserve~July 2017~part 2

part 1 HERE The nature reserve has, as you’d expect, a fair amount of wild flowers. The reserve is home to 4 different types of marsh orchids, but I only spotted 3 the burnet moths were quite fond of them always there are dandelions and buttercups and pink grassy stuff and finally some poppies the nature reserve is right on the coast, so next time we’ll have a look round there. Stay tooned!

Day 183~366

Today is the anniversary of 100yrs since The Battle of the Somme, and my Grandad was there in the Royal Engineers, he survived it, else I wouldn’t be here, but he lost a good friend in the war, and I think of them on this day every year, and make a photograph. So on with the 366 and this month I am doing shadows. The weather has a great part to play in this month’s theme, and in spite of a great deal of heavy showers today, we also had a couple of breaks where the sun came out, for…

The Fraggle Report ~ Flora & Fauna

Apart from my weekend outings to fascinating places, I’ve still been going to work and taking pictures when I get chance, the cats still strike a good pose now and then, and hubby still buys me flowers to photograph as a surprise. So here are a few non-historic bits and bobs before I move on to the day trip to the Farne Islands. The cats are thriving, sort of, when they’re not puking up, which is a common occurrence. They drive us mad mostly, we are not used to such needy beings! Cats are supposed to be self sufficient more…


“And far and wide, in a scarlet tide, The poppy’s bonfire spread”.¬† Poems of the Orient–The Poet in the East ¬†~¬†Bayard Taylor¬†¬† I found a beautiful field of poppies today, and then I found a most beautiful poem that reminded me of my friend Francis.¬†