Alnwick Gardens ~ part 3 ~ flowers

Part 1 HERE.    Part 2 HERE Of course, a garden isn’t really a garden without flowers.  At the top of the central water cascade is where they’re all at, in a walled-off courtyard.  Plenty of tulips in bloom in April of course, all gloriously coloured, such happy flowers to see after a long grey winter.   […]

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The Swiss Gardens ~ part 3

Part 1                   Part 2 More from the garden, my pal Helen, getting the shot and that was which was the ceiling to this an Indian pagoda apparently, many in Switzerland I’m sure 🙂 Helen wanted to take me up to the lily pond, so under a […]

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Saltwell Towers ~part 2~April 17

Part 1 HERE Thought I”d best finish this off before starting on the Poland report 🙂 . The main attraction for Sophie and I was the cherry blossom walk through the grounds   but also there was an abundance of pretty flowers, the name of which has escaped me yet again! and bluebells we saw […]

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